Before we go to the story, what’s wrong with this animation?! Don’t tell me that Sunrise is pouring their money on Sacred Seven!?

Anyway, Kotetsu’s plan somewhat failed when he tried to tell the heroes their personal secrets because they think that he’s a stalker. Blue Rose almost remember him since she’s the one who has feelings for him but Rock Bison is the only one who didn’t believe him the most despite being his high school buddy.

Super Saiyan!

Luckily, Kaede arrives and with the use of her powers, she restored the heroes’ memories. I know some people might find this too convenient for Kaede to be saving the day. Also, considering her ability to copy other NEXT abilities, she got Sky High’s ability when he touched her. Well, this doesn’t mean that the heroes lost their chance in restoring Bunny’s memories.

"You owe me a big explanation whether you and Barnaby are getting married!"

Why? Bunny just become the next Suzuku Kururugi. Revenge-driven and too emotional, Bunny is like a walking emotional time bomb. The only way to calm this emo is to have a trip to memory lane with Kotetsu. The chase scene is actually funny since Bunny is bickering like a wife. But at the end, it became a showdown: Tiger VS. Bunny.


For Saito, I don’t know if his memories were restored. I was wondering if he watched the broadcast before it got jammed or he was disappointed to see the crappy suit which lead him to assume that he’s talking to Wild Tiger (without knowing that it’s actually the real Wild Tiger).

Now, I still think that dark Wild Tiger is an android. I’ve read speculations that Jake Martinez is under that suit. Yeah, I know that the rule of fiction where you can’t confirm someone dead unless you have the body applies here. But I don’t see Jake being alive again. Come on, he’s not Orange.


And Maverick, I really hate him more than ever. Rating-hungry and greedy scumbag, you are, I hope you die in pain for your worthless sins.