*Sigh* I don’t know what will happen to this show. Not that I like Yukio but his story and character really made me lose interested on this show. I’m very sure that the remaining episodes are anime original. There’s no way that they’ll lead us back to the manga.

"I'm the main character! Why do you get all the attention?!"

Anyway, Rin and Yukio learned that their monastery was attacked by a masked guy who spew spider webs. Maybe I should call him “Spiderman” though he’s not Peter Parker. So, Spiderman wants Rin to suffer blah blah blah since he’s the son of Satan. Yukio doesn’t want Rin to get in danger because he promised to Fr. Fujimoto that he will protect him. Spiderman attacks Bon and co. so that he can lure Rin into his web (lame way to say it). Rin does arrive and thanks to his training with Shura, he was able to use his blue flames to free everyone from Spiderman. But Spiderman is actually Spiderwoman who is Neuhaus’ wife.

Yukio goes emo because at the end of the day, Rin is the hero. Well, duh, this story is all about him. I understand that during his childhood, Yukio is overshadowed by his brother since he’s the younger twin. But his side of the story feels forced….Probably, the writer tries to connect his characteristics in the manga in which it is hinted that he will go to the dark side….But still, Yukio’s story didn’t interest me.

I keep seeing this pose over and over again. Are the animators recycling the scene?

As for Rin, it seems that he’s developing some confidence after that summer camp. Thanks to Shura’s training, he manages to control his blue flames but not totally.

BTW, they introduced another anime original character named Ernst Frederick Aegin who calls Yukio his grandson. Probably he’s the father of Yukio and Rin’s mother or Fr. Fujimoto’s dad.