BTW, ANN did an interview of Directors Tsutomu Mizushima and Junichi Fujisaku on this show. Apparently, it’s confirmed that this show is connected to Blood: The Last Vampire movie (the original not the live-action). Anyway, I better rewatch the movie again and read the manga just to see the connection.

Are you hugging me because I slash a Sengoku Basara poser?

Back to the story……Tokizane doesn’t look surprised at the carnage that Saya made. Since Tokizane saw the battle and asked her about that and the sword, Saya told him everything in which she promise to protect everyone. Apparently, when she said about her promise, her head hurts. I noticed that there’s a split in Saya’s personality when Tokizane said he saw the battle of that “monster” and then, Saya says, “No” because it’s an Elder Bairns. Come on, they’re the same thing. So, does Saya think that the “monster” that Tokizane is referring, is her?

So, when Saya comes home, she saw her dad lying on the floor. She becomes freaking worried about him. BTW, before that Tadayoshi visited Fumito in the cafe in which the latter asked if he want some coffee. Tadayoshi says no and Fumito asked him if he wants something else. He also said the blood is really important. Well, it seems there’s something going on between these two and I’m sure that Fumito is also a mad scientist testing to see if Saya can really protect people.

Watanuki is checking out her sexy body XD

Later, Wata-dog visits Saya who is taking a bath. XD Apparently, Saya doesn’t scream “Hentai!” at the dog which the latter finds it weird. So, Wata-Inu asked her the possibility about her promise of protecting people being broken. Again, a flashback which the unseen person (whom I’m really sure is Fumito) tells her that conditions of this experiment in which there’s a reward and a punishment. Yeah, I could see where this is going…

This is probably the real Saya

I’m also sure that Tadayoshi is about to tell Saya the truth about her mom. In the first few episodes, he told her that her mom fought the Elder Bairns and died. But in this episode when Saya tells him that she will do her best to defeat the monsters  just like her mom, Tadayoshi looks surprised. I bet he realized the his little white lie will be out later on. And I bet Saya is actually the Saya of Blood: The Last Vampire.

Target sighted: Megane girl

So, with all the mysteries about to be revealed, an Elder Bairns shows up in Saya’s school and attacks her classmates. Damn censors again! Come on! In the last episode, they didn’t censor the policeman getting torn into half! Sheesh! And also, about Saya just standing there while letting her classmates die, come on, do you think that she would just randomly take out her sword and fight the monster while her classmates witness it? It is actually the same dilemma with heroes with secret identities who can’t really expose it to those who are unaware of their double life when they’re fighting the enemy.

Stupid censors!

But then, Saya has no choice since her classmates can’t get out. So, she unsheathed her sword and attacks the monster. The preview clearly tells that the class president and even her friend, Yuka, are shocked by Saya’s identity. I could see that the class president and Yuka will have the same reaction as Kai (of Blood+) or they will call her a monster. Either of the two reactions are possible. And the teacher again is acting creepy.

This Elder Bairns came out straight from World of Warcraft

I know most people are calling Saya the worst heroine. But it is obvious that Saya is not a human being. She thinks she’s human but she’s not. She may be clueless but she can’t display her emotions. She may have concern for her friends and her father but for other people, she doesn’t seem to care and let them die. Pretty much, Fumito is indeed experimenting her if Saya can protect people with that true nature of hers. Tadayoshi’s reaction also seems that he can’t hide the truth anymore. I’m sure that Saya’s teacher will expose the truth to her.