It’s been months after the Fall 2010 anime, Otome Youkai Zakuro, had ended.

And yet, there’s a picture drama for this. There are two actually. The second hasn’t been subbed yet but Mango subs announced that they’ll release it before the year ends.

So, this first picture drama is basically a commentary made by Mamezou (Zakuro’s familiar), Sakura and Kiri (those 2 pumpkin head kids). Most of the scenes were from the 1st episode in which these 3 spirits made comments about the scenes and the main characters. Some of the comments were a bit funny like Mamezou imaging himself as the princess for Agemaki. Oh, Zakuro also made some comments too and got very annoyed when Mamezou teased her about Agemaki. Pretty much, this picture drama is really like director’s commentary in which Mamezou is acting like the director here. He’s more expressive here in this picture drama than in the anime. Sakura and Kiri are still their usual selves in the anime though they’re really like kids who kept pointing out the obvious.

Unlike the picture dramas that I’ve seen, this one is not really special.