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"Oh, thank God! I thought you wouldn't remember our dates togethers!" *bro hugs*

I knew that Kotetsu would use Barnaby’s nickname. But “Bunny-chan”? The 1st half is bland since there are a lot of flashbacks. But I’m glad that Bunny remembers Kotetsu. Except that his expression is weird. I expect him to be screaming “My name is not Bunny, it’s Barnaby!” before he lands the kick. But WTF is up with that expression like as if nothing happens?

"Hey, Saitou! Your new hat looks fabulous!"

Also, the spoiler of the “unexpected duo” that is circulating around the net is indeed Ben and Saito. Saito remains funny as usual. First, he calls Tiger’s old suit “crap” and now, he says that Ben’s taxi sucks XD XD Saito, you never changed! My question on how Saito got his memories back is answered: he saw the light! Well, Kaede’s light XD So, Agnes and the HERO TV people are still under Maverick’s control which still means that Maverick is in control of the media.

Later, Tiger got a call from Maverick where in he had abducted his Hero buddies and lock them in the Justice Tower. He also took Kaede too which pissed Tiger and Bunny real hard. Goddamn you, Maverick, you son of a bitch! I knew that this is going to happen. I’m worried on what he will do to her. Probably, he’s going to experiment or something. Please, don’t show me that!

"Search & Destroy!"

It is also revealed that the guy (Rotwang) who is Cis’ creator, is back and joins forces with Maverick. He is indeed the creator of Robo Tiger. Now, Bunny’s parents’ technology is used again for corporate schemes and corruption. This time, to promote androids as the new Heroes. Wow, if that succeed, then the whole world is screwed. Obviously, you saw what had happened in Terminator, I,Robot, Astroboy and those other sci-fi media which has androids in it.

"That's right! It's time for Hero Battle Royale!"

What about the Heroes? Well, Rotwang placed collar bombs on their necks and then, forced to kill each other until there is one survivor. Wow, Hero Battle Royale. But I don’t want the Heroes to end up like those poor kids in the movie 😦 Fuck these two losers! Heck, Rotwang is even an anti-NEXT who has an attitude of a neo-Nazi.

And goddamnit, where the hell is Lunatic?! What the hell are you doing, Yuri?! You already know that someone is messing up your files! Heck, Maverick deleted Bunny’s files already! Why don’t you get your ass off the chair, get out of your office, find the bastard who did this and torch him!