I think this episode made me expect on what’s going to happen next.But still, I feel bored when I watch this show.

Neuhaus’ wife, Michelle, went into Shiemi’s garden while being chased by the Vatican. There, Shiemi treated her wounds and found out that she and Michelle have something in common: they are both green thumbs and wish to see the garden of Amahara. I can’t help it but Michelle does look like Winry in a different angle.

Meanwhile, Neuhaus told Rin and Shura that his wife rose from the dead. But he’s not the one who did it. He explains that his wife develop arsonphobia (fear of fire) ever since the Blue Night. As a result, she vows revenge on Satan which is why she’s after Rin. This story already made Neuhaus a sympathetic character in which Rin felt pity on Michelle when he found out that she’s hiding in Shiemi’s garden.

Apparently, the Vatican forces led by August arrived to get rid of Michelle. I really the battle between him and Rin though Shura intervenes just to make sure that Rin doesn’t go nuts. Eventually, Michelle takes the bullet for Rin though this made me wonder if she ever mentions that her attitude on Rin when she said her last words of Neuhaus. I’m also wondering if Michelle and Neuhaus are gone when Shiemi’s Green Men familiars summon vines around them. But I think they probably escape before the Vatican catches them.

Oh, and about Yukio….I think he’s going to the corrupt side of the Vatican led by Ernst who is said to be the father of Yuri, who was the mother of Rin and Yukio. I have already suspect that Ernst is not really good guy since he called Yukio and not Rin. I also bet that he’s lying about how Yuri died in which he claims that Yuri was executed by the Grigori. I’m sure that he’s using the mother to get Yukio’s support. And now with Mephisto out of the way, Ernst plans to exterminate all demons. I could tell that this is now a civil war within the Vatican and pretty much, there’s going to be a battle between Rin and Yukio.