Here’s a question: do you want a hero who always saves the day because the enemy is weak? Or a hero who earns a few failures? If I imagine that Blood-C is a video game, then it’s obvious that there will be casualties. What if this is the mission objective of the game where you will not let anyone die? Yeah, some of you might find it impossible most especially if the enemy is way stronger than you think. Unless you have some cheats.

This looks like a crime scene. Call in CSI!

Anyway, all of Saya’s classmates, except the class president and Tokizane (who is not present), are dead. Even Yuuka is dead. The reason why she wasn’t able to save them is because of the flashbacks that kept bothering her. The Elder Bairns even asked why she’s angry at him (yes, him because of his voice) for killing her classmates. I assume that the all of Elder Bairns were trying to ask Saya who she is fighting for or who is she protecting. They are already voicing out the contract. I just want to clear out that the contract and the promise are two different things.

The contract is something between the Elder Bairns and the humans which is already violated by Saya and Tadayoshi. The promise to protect is between Saya and the experimenter. Saya already realized that the promise is already broken. We still need to know what the result is.

We’re given an aerial view of the school  where you can all see the blood and damage. Then, there’s a shot of a black speck in the sky which I assume is a helicopter probably from the military. Saya’s teacher shows up after the battle and she even asked her “Do you kill them all?” which made Saya faint. I don’t know if that’s a trigger to make Saya forget but I don’t think that teacher is there coincidentally. Also, why is Saya’s class only present in school? Where are the other students and teachers? Tokizane also received the announcement that there will be classes but you know, he’s the typical latecomer where he is lucky.

Imagine that Diva is singing out there

Then, Saya begins to doubt her existence. The class president asked her who she really is. Even Wata-Inu asked her about that, the person whom she promised with, and what stopped her from answering those questions. Apparently, that gumauve really stopped her from questioning her existence. Now, Saya asks her dad who her mother is and if she really exist.

"Dad, how come I'm not Steven Seagal?!"

I have to admit that Blood-C is not my favorite show but the build-up and mystery really keep me watching. Sure the characters aren’t developed well but the atmosphere itself grabs the attention. So far, the mysteries are already building up and Saya has already realized what’s wrong with her. Like I said, try to imagine if this show is a video game. And at least, the censors in this episode are tolerable.