Goddamn you, Sunrise! You’re notorious for killing off characters and now, you bringing this Tomino trait here?!

Rotwang taunts the Heroes into pressing the button without letting them know that pressing it will kill all of them instead of freeing one of them. Talk about sly tactics. Sky High and Rock Bison almost did it. But then Blue Rose convinces all of her friends that they must believe in Tiger & Bunny in defeating the robot.Kinda cliche, do you think?

"Aw man! So, I'll not get to kick some ass for the last 2 episodes?"

One thing that strikes me curious is Yuri. I noticed that when Maverick lies to the CEOs that the Heroes are fighting “a terrorist group”, he had a worried look on his face. Hmm…interesting…Not to mention that earlier when he let Kotetsu escape in episode 21, Robo Tiger hits him on the shoulder with his laser gun. Man, I think that beam pretty hurt him which is why he can’t fight. Back to that worried look, is it possible that he’s worried that Kotetsu will fail in his quest for justice?

Kaede is inspired by Son Goku to do a Kamehame Wave

Anyway, the duo are trying their best to defeat Robo Tiger. But since they have to recharge, Robo Tiger gains the upper hand. Meanwhile, Kaede uses her ice powers (from Blue Rose) to defeat Rotwang and thus, freeing all the Heroes. Yay, Kaede! Daddy Kotetsu will be pround of you. But then, after duo got their powers recharged, Kotetsu asked Barnaby to use the laser gun to hit the Robo Tiger while he holds him down.

What the......

Unfortunately, Kotetsu got hit as well and at that point, he told Bunny about his depleting powers. Then, the heartwarming (or heartbreaking) moment began when Bunny begs Kotetsu to live. Shit…..not again……

AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Damn it, I bet those who will be going to the theaters will be demanding Sunrise to bring Kotetsu back to life! If only there are Dragonballs! Goddamn it,  if Kotetsu dies in the last episode and then, if there’s going to be a sequel, then it won’t be called “Tiger & Bunny” anymore! The sequel won’t be good if Tiger is dead.  Come on, Sunrise! Bring on the finale!