Summary of this episode: Beginning=boring, Middle=oohh, looks interesting, End=Ok, what’s going on?

Rin is bored of this anime

The students and teachers of True Cross Academy learned that Yukio is now the newly appointed Paladin and the new headmaster of the school. His first job of the day: kill all demons. So, all the exorcists and students were ordered to eliminate every single demon in sight. Blah, blah not everyone enjoys doing it. Rin doesn’t like this too as Yukio changed into an extremist such as nearly killing Kuro. Well, his actions were explained later on.

If Kuro were a real cat, Yukio will get arrested for animal cruelty.

What’s interesting is that Ernst explains that the Okumura twins will become human again once they destroy Gehenna (the demon world) with the use of a weapon of mass destruction called the Messiah. But to open the gate of Gehenna, they need demon blood. Obviously, Rin’s demon blood is the last key in which, Ernst had Rin imprisoned and later, chained up on the cross (X cross not the cross that you’ve seen on Jesus). Apparently, Yukio isn’t happy about this.

"Whoa, so this how you drink Pepsi NEX with vodka..."

So, as this episode ends, we get to see Yukio generating Satan’s flames. Ok, this is weird. So, it’s either Satan suddenly possessed Yukio (similar to what he did to Fr. Fujimoto), Rin’s powers were transferred to him or Yukio’s Satanic powers were awaken.

"Hey, wanna see my new drawings?"

"No. Those are lamer than this episode."

But who cares….At least, Mephisto’s drawings were interesting. But I suspect that he’ll still be the suspicious one.