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I’m laughing so hard when I can’t wait to look at those haters’ faces! XD XD XD XD Clamp is fucking trolling you guys. You haters may whine and bitch about them withholding information but it looks like you’re the receiving end of their trolls.

Sadako wants go to back to her well

Anyway, Saya faces another Elder Bairns in the middle of the night who attacks and kills Tokizane. I noticed that when a person who is close to Saya dies, her eyes turned red. Guess it might explain why she didn’t respond quick when most of her classmates died in the last episode. There’s really a trigger in activating Saya’s powers.

This Sadako Elder Bairns (actually, she looks like her) teases Saya on hunger and that she’s a tool to the humans who broke the Covenant. Saya seems to lose concentration because she’s hungry (or should I say, hungry for blood). We get more flashbacks which are obvious that she’s fighting Chiropterans in the past. I could tell that those are Chiropterans based on their physical features. And then, the experimenter is asking her about her reward.

The mysterious room where all the crazy things happen.

Then, back to “reality”, Saya slays the Elder Bairns. Then, she remembers the samurai Elder Bairns telling her to ask her dad about her origins. Before she could do it, she fainted probably because she didn’t get enough blood. Then, she wakes up when Fumito is in her room. Fumito continues to feed drug her with her coffee and the guimauve. When Saya asked why the guimauve’s color is pink, Fumito answers that it’s mixed with something. Obviously, blood, duh! After feeding drugging Saya, he goes to Tadayoshi and asks if he’s hungry….

Later, Saya goes to Fumito’s cafe while wondering where her dad went. There, she found Fumito’s right arm bandaged. I’m very sure that where Fumito feeds Tadayoshi. Then, the teacher arrives and asks Saya if she could see the scrolls and books that her dad kept. Saya agrees and lets her see them. But………………………………


The books are empty. And suddenly, the twins appears alive and well. “So, what the hell is going on?” Saya asks. Then, the teachers pulls out the troll line, “Let’s end this already–this farce!”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD XD XD XD XD That’s right! Welcome to the Matrix! You’re inside a dream! This is Truman Show! Big Brother is watching you! I don’t know which is which. But the next episode is going to be a big one because Saya will realize that she’s living in a world full of lies!


Anyway, I had a feeling that Saya is indeed Saya of Blood: The Last Vampire. I’ve read the manga which is a sequel to the movie. In the manga, many years already passed after the events of the movie and Saya still hunts Chiropeterans. She’s still treated as a tool for the government until she meets Maya, who is her twin (very similar to Diva). Maya explains to her that humanity tried to research on immortality in which they experiment on vampire blood. But their efforts failed as the vampires go against them. So, to cover up their mistakes, they use the blood of the last pure vampire to create the greatest weapon against the vampire: Saya and Maya. But Maya is defective because she needed blood. So, Saya is the only weapon left. Apparently, the humans’ treatment on Saya varies in which some treat her like a human being and some see her as a tool. So, Maya tells Saya that if she drinks her blood and eats her flesh, they will become one and free from the humans’ control. In the ending, Saya goes berserk against her handlers and runs away. Probably, between the events of Blood: TLV manga and Blood-C, she was captured again and brainwashed by the government. The experimenter sets up her to see how much her abilities developed for the past years. Hence, the setting of Blood-C in which Saya is in a controlled environment.

Welcome to the real world

But if Blood-C is not related to Blood: the Last Vampire, then the premise can be similar to the movie: Saya works for the government in the past where she hunts Chiropterans. But somehow rebels and escapes. The government captures her and the experimenter makes a deal with Saya in a form of an experiment in which he tests her if she could protect human beings. Her reward: her freedom. And her punishment: either she’ll be a tool for all eternity or be declared defective. Very interesting speculations, huh? What’s even more interesting the lyrics of the OP. Just take a look and think about it.