OMG! I was eating fried rice before I watched this show. But it’s coincidence XD (Spoilers ahead)

Dad, you can't die yet! Who will Bunny marry then?!

With Tiger “dead”, the Heroes went up against the other Robo Tigers. And I have to say is that this fight is awesome. Heck, even Ivan is awesome. But when it all goes down, it seems that something turn on the safety mode on these robots.BTW, Maverick is really indeed a villain even betraying Rotwang and letting him fall to his death.

Bonjour, heroes! FOX news is doing a live coverage of Maverick, being a self-centered douchebag!

But I’m very surprised I thought that she was still Maverick’s victim when Saito talked to her. But damn, good for her in exposing his crimes to everyone! Though, she’s still a rating-hungry producer >_>

Kotetsu-san! I thought you're a goner! *kiss*

And there’s a moral to the story: before declaring someone dead, always check his pulse! XD I knew Kotetsu won’t die. He even punch Maverick when he hold Kaede hostage.  I had a crazy imagination that Kotetsu will say, “Not my daughter, you bastard!”. Anyway, the group hug is adorable~

Hey, asshole! Tonight, you dine in hell!

Now outnumbered, Maverick uses own abilities to make himself brain dead. But he won’t stay alive since Lunatic shows up and roasts the bastard! Yeah, Lunatic! But I’m disappointed that he doesn’t do much for the past episodes.

Guys, tonight, I'll announce my engagement to Kotetsu! *le gasp*

Meanwhile, Kotetsu announces his retirement so that he can spend time with Kaede. But Bunny also decided to retire as well. It’s understandable that his whole life as a Hero is due to Maverick. Poor Bunny….

XD Good luck with that, Karina!

Then, one year later…..Nothing changed except 6 heroes catching criminals. I LOL’d at Karina’s book XD Good luck for that! And I’m glad Ivan visits his buddy in prison. Pao-lin also looks cute in a dress. Keith is still adorable. And what is this? Antonio X Nathan? XD

Yuri is amused on Tiger's attempt to dance "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys

Anyway, Kotetsu is back in the Hero business with a new name: Wild Tiger One-Minute. What kind of name is that? Maybe because of his depleting power. And why’s he’s back from retirement? Kaede doesn’t want a dad who is a coach potato. XD You said it, Kaede. We don’t want Kotetsu to be sitting on a coach XD And guess who’s coming back….

Oh yeah, Kotetsu-san, I did remember carrying you like this when we first met.

Bunny! He came back too! Why? To fulfill his parents’ promise to protect. That’s nice. So, Tiger and Bunny’s back, all right! And the princess carry XD XD I also like how Bunny calls Tiger, “Oji-san” and Tiger calls Bunny, “Bunny-chan”.

Ouroboros = Illuminati

Anyway, it’s awesome. I love this show but there are still things hanging like Lunatic and the Ouroboros. Maverick even said that Ouroboros is still out there. So, if there’s going to be a 2nd season, then it will probably focus on them. And the dollar with the Ouroboros seal on it, remember the dollar that Tiger give to Blue Rose back in episode 4? It was there but in the BD release, it’s not there. So, I thought it’s probably the mistake of the production team. But then, when the kid’s dollar flew away and land on the puddle, it shows the seal. So, maybe Sunrise didn’t want to spoil it. I guess it’s really the mistake of the production team to show the Ouroboros seal on the TV release because they spoiled it.

Anyway, I’ll post my review soon. Well, at least, this ending is way better than the No. 6 ending.  I haven’t seen the last episode of Sacred Seven yet. But still, i think Tiger & Bunny still rocks better than Sacred Seven.