Looks like I’m right. We’re heading for an anime original.


So, Yukio request Ernst to let him do the blood offering instead of Rin. And that resulted to him, in the demon form with blue flames. Then, Ernst bombed Gehenna with the warhead. But it didn’t work….obviously…..Why? If you want to fight an immortal and supreme being like Satan, you should have powers that match to them.

"Yup, I finally got a speaking role!"

BTW, it’s interesting the Takara finally talks. Yeah, when the warhead was about to fall on Gehenna, he recites the passages from the Book of Revelations. XD Hilarious. I don’t know if the mangaka contributed this one but I guess I have to wait and see in the manga.

"Satan and I just had a one night stand."

Anyway, Daddy Satan comes back and tells Yukio the truth behind their mother’s death. The flashback shows that Fujimoto and Yuri knew each other but Fujimoto is irritated on Yuri’s attitude, most especially on her closeness to the lower type demons. But then, he found out that Yuri became Satan’s vessel.

How did that happen? Well, I could say that Yuri meeting Satan is very like Beauty and the Beast. And it sort of made Satan a sympathetic character. Later, their “love” culminated into Yuri being pregnant. But her dad doesn’t agree on this. In fact, her day of her supposed execution is the same day as the Blue Night occur when Satan starts looking for his vessel. Ernst orders Fujimoto to kill Yuri and her sons. But then, Yuri died of giving birth and Fujimoto decided to raise the twins.

Now, here’s something which contradicts the manga. Ersnt gave Fujimoto the Kurikara sword and Fujimoto doesn’t know what that is. In the manga, Fujimoto knew about the sword and goes to Kyoto to find it. And with regards to Mephisto, transferring Rin’s blue flames to the Kurikara sword, is something more of an asspull. The manga explains about the Kurikara belonging to the Myou Dha Sect (Bon’s dad’s sect) and it connected to the Impure King. Anyway, I guess I really treat the anime and manga separately since we’re heading for an anime original ending. But it even explain yet on how Satan was able to possess Fujimoto after Yuri died.

Lelouch comes back from hell

Back to present, Ernst admits to Yukio that he’s the one who ordered the execution of Yuri and in disgust, shows that he hates Yukio and Rin. Anyway, Ernst got what he deserves. And later, Satan possesses Yukio and I LOL’d when Yukio’s voice changed because he started to sound like Lelouch, only a crazy version of him XD

It’s obvious that we’re heading for a battle between the brothers. I’m glad that I was able to enjoy this episode. Yuri’s backstory is very interesting and I have a hunch that Fujimoto had feelings for her XD. Idk if that could happen in the manga.