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All right, remember what Mr. Lloyds said to Kotetsu back in  Tiger & Bunny, “If you don’t like it, you can quit!”. I understand why majority of the viewers hated the show. But still, it really made me wonder why you’re still watching a show that you hate unless you’re a masochist. Well, anyway, screw them. BTW, why won’t you watch this instead. And also to call people who enjoyed this show, idiots and immature? Srsly, who are you to judge, hater?!

So, everything is fake?!

So, it is revealed that everything for the first 10 episodes was actually an experiment. All the characters except for Saya and Fumito (and probably by extension, Tadayoshi) are hired to play as the people who revolved around Saya’s life.Yep, this is really Truman Show.

Man, they're really annoying

The Motou twins were actually criminals who are really fucking annoying. Tokizane is just a greedy bastard who doesn’t care about Saya and calls her a monster. The teacher is actually a fame-hungry bitch who wants to expose Saya’s nature to the world. Whoa, this is really go against the characters that they’re playing and srsly, their personalities are a pain in the ass. And apparently, they were impatient to wait for Saya’s memories to return. So, they did things their own way by forcing Saya to drink the blood of the Elder Bairns. I could say that these guys represent the haters of this show.

Flashbacks shows indeed that Saya is similar to Saya of Blood: Last Vampire (or maybe she is that Saya): an sword-wielding, vampire assassin  who works for the military or government. And it is indeed that Fumito is part of it and is, in fact, the experimenter. Also in the flashback, there is a man who transforms into a form similar to Chiropeteran. So, is it possible that this is Tadayoshi?

"Meh, haters. Everything in the world has haters."

Along with that, Yuuka and the Class President didn’t like how the teacher and the gang did to Saya. Or I should say that the teacher and co.’s  actions have alter the results of the experiment. And few minutes later, Fumito appears which caught them by surprised. I guess that Fumito is not a bad guy after all. Or maybe he is. Idk, but he is a bad guy in a sense that he controls and drugs Saya, preventing her to remember her past. And hiring people to play as the those who Saya loved dearly to protect and setting up a fake town? Screams bad guy with ulterior motives. Also, is Watanuki part of this? Or is he simply an observer who really wants to end it?

Trying to make a troll smile

Anyway, I don’t know how Saya will take this. It pretty much put her in shock and that everything she did is fake. I bet her real personality will really wake up in the last episode and I had a feeling she’ll start killing everyone who’s responsible for controlling her life. But I’ll just see on how CLAMP finishes it. I don’t know if they’re really aware of the reception on this show. Director Mizushima knows about it. Whatever, fuck those haters.