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Whoa, this is so gruesome. Way gruesome than the first 3 Final Destination movies and Kill Bill.(Big ass spoilers ahead)

Fumito played too much of Portal and decided to become like GLADoS

So, Saya is back into original self: stoic, badass and punkish girl who is pissed on those who are fucking her around. In the flashback, Fumito made an agreement with Saya if she can retain her old personality, then he would help her regain the ability to kill humans. I have to say that Fumito is one interesting character who later became one twisted villain.

Ugh, imagine all the guts and innards spilling on the ground

Back at present and since the damage is already done, Fumito lets Tokizane, the teacher and the twins leave. But……..the price of that is when the dog Elder Bairns starts munching, tearing and beating them up. I have to say that is way gruesome and disturbing. This really reminds of those Hollyword gore movies that I’ve watched which left a lasting impression in my mind for days. I guess I have to forgive the TV producers for censoring.

Tadayoshi escaped from Dead Island and is still a zombie

Also, I was right that Tadayoshi is an Elder Bairn only a half-breed. And it seems that Fumito controls all of the Elder Bairns that Saya attacked using her blood. But since Tadayoshi drank too much of Saya’s blood, he went berserk or should I say, became one of those mindless zombies in Dead Island. 😆 Oh and Tadayoshi VS. Saya fight is really the best. I guess this is one of the highlights of this episode. But as Tadayoshi dies, Saya still has that sort of attachment to her “father”. Even Tadayoshi acknowledges it despite that he played a fake role.

I bet Beatrice is happy for her bunnies in doing gruesome work

Now, Saya is really pissed on Fumito for all the fake that he put to her. But then, you got a bunny Elder Bairns who started to multiply and kill all the inhabitants of the village like a Sunday morning. Idk, when I watched that scene, I imagine the OST of Sweeney Todd playing on the background and I have to say…….that is ridiculous and surreal. Oh and the car chase remind me of Dead Rising or Grand Theft Auto.

"At least, I get to be the last action hero!"

About the class president, he was shot by Fumito’s soldiers because he protected Saya. And even though he played a fake role, he still loves Saya. If asking which Saya is he referring to (the moe Saya or the stoic Saya), I say the moe Saya. And Yuka, just became interesting as she started to tell Fumito that she plans to run for office as governor. Hehe, suck it, Ishihara!

Then, we got another CLAMP trope where Saya loses her left eye from Fumito’s shot. Now, she joins the ranks of Fai, Subaru, Seishirou and all the other one-eyed CLAMP characters. And the next days, the village became a ghost town and now, Saya wants to kill Fumito.

Now, she's back

Anyway, the series ended in a cliffhanger. I guess I’m one of the few who enjoyed this series. But this is not my favorite show for the Summer 2011 season. I guess some people were expecting it to be like Blood+ but as the directors say, it’s different from Blood+. But who cares. Hater gonna hate. I don’t wanna waste my energy on the haters. Different strokes, you see.

I’m more interested on the movie since this is all about Saya getting revenge on Fumito ala Kill Bill. Though, I don’t imagine her wearing a Bruce Lee outfit XD. I guess the real problem why this series failed to get the attention of viewers is the pacing. I don’t blame the director or CLAMP. But I guess the director got most of the blame since he has the final say. I’ll post my review once I’m done with my exams.