Yeah, some of you might be wondering where am I in the interwebs and if I’m ever going to continue blogging. You may remember what I’ve said before that by the end of September, I’ll start looking for a job. And here I am. I’ve already started working and yet, my work schedule is very much hectic that I can’t find some time to blog or to watch anime. I guess for those who are about to start work, it is all work and no play.

Don’t worry. I’m not very OCD on updating my anime list and watching and blogging anime every week unlike most anime fans and bloggers. My real priority now is earn money and continue my career. I’m aware that some of the anime bloggers are college students and have all the time in the world to blog and watch anime. I don’t know how will they earn their own living unless they’re rich.

Anyway, I finished my review on Blood-C. I still have to finish watching the last 2 episodes of Ao no Exorcist and Dantalian no Shoka and starting watching the Fall 2011 animes (UN-GO, Persona 4, Phi Kami Puzzle, Guilty Crown and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon). I asked a couple of Fate/stay night fans about watching and understanding Fate/zero without watching or playing Fate/stay night. Some say just watch Fate/zero since it’s a prequel but you’ll get spoil on the events. Others say play Fate/stay night so you’ll understand the terms used in the prequel and because the anime of F/S N sucked. Idk. I’ll just wait for it to finish. I’ll just watch the 2nd season of Seikai-ichi Hatsukoi in passing since the 1st season made me unsatisfied. For the Hunter X Hunter remake, Idk. From what I’ve read, this version is very child-friendly and most of the events were compressed into one episode in which they’re already heading to the Hunter Exam Arc already. So, I’ll just watch it in passing. And yes, I’ll do all of this once I really have time.