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Blood-C is a joint project between Production I.G. and Clamp. Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima with the script by Nanase Ohkawa, it s indeed a show which has divided a lot of viewers: haters, fans and viewers minding their own business. I admit that before Blood-C aired, I really want to watch this since I love Blood+ and CLamp. But as I watch the show, I drop my fangirling and watch it like how I watch documentaries. If you really don’t like this show, just drop it. As Mr. Lloyds said to Kotetsu in Tiger & Bunny, “If you don’t like it, you can quit.” But if you really want to understand why some people enjoy it, drop your rabid fanboyism, fangirlism and/or anime snobbery and watch it for entertainment. If you want to know what kind of hater you are, just go to TV tropes and look for the words, “Hate Dumb“. And if you want to know what kind of fan you are, also go to TV tropes and look for the words, “Fan Dumb“.

The first half is strictly formulative: Saya goes to the cafe for breakfast, goes to school, hangs out with her friends and at night, kills monsters called Elder Bairns (though, their nature is similar to Chiropeterans from the 2 earlier Blood shows). But on the second half, the formula is broken and this is where the real story starts when the mysteries started to come out and most of them were answered in the last episodes. Pretty much the finale paves way to the movie which will be shown on June 2, 2012.

But the main problem with this show is the pacing. The first 10 episodes drags the suspension of belief, making most viewers bored. For me, there’s nothing wrong with Ohkawa’s script. For viewers who are not familiar on her writing, they would say it’s bad storytelling. Not actually. Heck, check out the manga versions of Tokyo Babylon or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Both started in a lighter tone until it went dark. But if you’re not a manga reader, then, that’s your lost.

Also, be reminded that this show is loosely based from the Blood: The Last Vampire movie and is way different from Blood+. In fact, comparing Blood-C and Blood+ will not go anywhere as both of them are set in a different universe. Heck, comparing both shows is like comparing apples and oranges. Can you even try to compare Gundam Wing to Gundam 00? Or can you make a comparison between a Gundam show to another Gundam show?

Saya is way different from her counterparts in the 2 previous works: she’s clumsy, happy-go-lucky, likes to sing, and a bit slow. Most viewers would really hate for that. But what really stands out from her is her true personality which was shown when she fights the Elder Bairns and eventually shown in the final episodes. And also the flashbacks which may show that she may be the original Saya of Blood: the Last Vampire.

Just so you know, you may know nothing of the supporting characters until the final episodes where you’ll get some information about them. But you’ll get the idea that all of them are suspicious and each of them has a motive which will be revealed in the last episodes. The most suspicious and interesting of all is the cafe owner, Fumito Nanahara. Just watch out for this guy as he may be just your ordinary cafe owner but you could tell that he has something under his sleeve. The rest of the supporting characters like Tokizane, Tadayoshi, Kanako and the twins, Nene and Nono , have some interesting characteristics in which you might either hate or love them til the end. But for Yuka and Itsuki, I had to say that nothing stands out from them until again, the final episodes.

BTW, there’s also another character from another CLAMP work. But we’ll never know if it’s really him or that CLAMP is just teasing us. Hint: he used to be an assistant to a witch who grants wishes and later, takes her place.

Naoki Sato did some memorable music ever since he did the OST of X/1999 the TV series. The OP song rocked and its lyrics really reflect the show. Plus, this is the first song that I’ve heard that has 3 languages (Japanese, English and French). The ED song is all right which is also sang by Nana Mizuki.

The voice actors did a stellar job here. Nana Mizuki did a great job in portraying Saya and I have to say that she is as good as Eri Kitamura’s Saya of Blood+. But Misato Fukuen (the twins’ voice actress) and Kenji Nojima (Fumito’s voice actor) made the best performances of all. Fukuen really made a great job in portraying the twins, most especially when she tried to show the contrasting personalities of both. Nojima really pulls it off by masking all the suspicion with that nice personality.

Production I.G. did a good job in the animation in which the highlight of the show is the fight scenes between Saya and the Elder Bairns. Also, the blood and gore really Quentin Tarantino gore. But the problem is that the TV producers uses white and black lights to cover up the gore which is very lame way to censor. Heck, it will be very gruesome in the BD and DVD versions.

The character designs were made by CLAMP and yes, despite the noodle drawings, the clothes look very stylish. Plus, some of the character designs were even based from other CLAMP characters. But the problem is the monster design which is very cartoonish. The Elder Bairns don’t look like the Chiropeterans. They look….uh, I don’t how to describe them but some looked like animals have grown some extra limbs and a few eyes, others looked like aliens and some have human-like appearances. I wish that they could, at least, make the monster designs look more sinister and not too cartoonish.

If you’re a very, very, very, very, very impatient person who easily throws a fit while waiting in line for the bus in 2 hours, don’t bother watching this show. Why? Because this show is trying your patience. Also, if you’re a hardcore Blood+ fan who is not a CLAMP fan or not very familiar with their works, JUST STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOW! Why? Because you’ll NOT find a Haji, a David or a Kai character in it nor anything political or intellectual in it. CLAMP fans may enjoy this show but some of them share the same sentiments as the hardcore Blood+ fans. But I guess the most of the hate is generated by hate dumb.

For me, what made me enjoy this show is the atmosphere itself and the setting. You could clearly tell that something’s fishy on that town and with all the hints that kept lying around, you can speculate on what’s going on in that town. Of course, the characters weren’t interesting and heck, I don’t have any favorites in them. But I have to say that only 2 characters who I’m both interested: Fumito and Tadayoshi, since they both have something to hide. The action scenes were also entertaining and it’s a good thing that Saya is not a boring invincible hero or not Superman because if she is, then that would be boring. But, of course, some viewers think that she’s incompetent but you’ll get to understand in the final episodes.

Blood-C is a show that is hard to like.Β  But I had to admit that there are a few problems in this show but it does not necessarily mean that it’s the worst anime of the year. Heck, that’s the opinion of others. However, the difference on show’s popularity lies on the Japanese and non-Japanese viewership itself. I don’t know what are really the opinions of the Japanese viewers themselves asides from their comments on the animation. But most of the negative opinions and some positive opinions came from the non-Japanese viewers. So, cultural differences lie here. And another difference is marathoning the show and watching it on a weekly basis in which the opinions are also varied.

But what I really don’t like how haters and so-called “critics” who called those who enjoyed this show idiots (and other insulting terms). Just so you know, you may think that you’re right on everything but if you’re not willing to be, at least, open-minded and tolerant, then that’s just disrespectful.

I think that if you’re a patient person, not easily sway by others’ opinions, not easily plagued with rabid fanboyism/fangirlism, and not the type of person who just look at things by face value, then you might like this show. But I don’t think that this show is for everybody most especially that it’s 100% explicit violence and gore and some people are squeamish on those things despite that it’s animated. If you’re expecting it to be like Blood+, DON’T EVEN FUCKING BOTHER.

Story: 7
Characters: 6
Sound: 9
Animation: 8
Enjoyment: 7

Overall: 7.4

Highs: Memorable music, awesome action scenes, gory violence, interesting plot twists, good character designs and voice acting
Lows: Slow pacing, lack of character development, annoying censorship, cartoonish monster designs