Luckily by next month, I might be able to catch up in watching the Fall 2011 animes. So, yeah, I’m way behind on. But who cares. Anyway, here’s the Winter 2012 Anime Chart. Honestly, Winter is boring, always boring.

Here’s some shows which I’m interested:

Yup, only three unless the first impressions will change my mind. I though Kyousogiga is a TV series but then, I found out that it’s an ONA (yes, an ONA not a movie which is listed in myanimelist). I hope someone will sub it.

I have no idea on what show will I blog for Winter. Pretty much, there’s nothing interesting for Winter but at least, there’s Persona 4 and Guilty Crown. I can marathon those two for the holidays. Still, no word for Code Geass Gaiden if it’s going to be released on Winter too.