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The official site of Blood-C: The Last Dark is up.

The director of the movie will be Naoyoshi Shintani. Nana Mizuki and Kenji Nojima will reprise their roles as Saya and Fumito Nanahara respectively. BTW, here’s some interesting tidbit that I’ve got from one of the members of the Animesuki forums:

The movie and the TV series were conceived at the same time, and Production IG had two different teams working on both projects from the start. The staff for the TV series and the movie are completely different, and the TV director commented before it aired that he wasn’t part of the movie staff.

CLAMP planned the entire story from the beginning, and the movie is the “main event” set in Tokyo, while the TV series was designed as the “prequel” to set up the events of the movie. They were deliberately meant to be contrasting, with different tones, different characters, and a different visual look.

It’s kinda unfortunate that it turns out that most people did not like the TV series, and the sales have been absolutely dreadful. This will definitely hurt the potential reception to the movie.

I guess I really have to blame the director of the TV series himself, Tsutomu Mizushima, for the output. If you look at most of the shows that he directed, they’re all comedy. Production I.G. should hire a director who knows the Blood franchise very well.

Anyway, here’s a synopsis of the movie translated by one of the members of Animesuki forums:

Tokyo, Winter.

Despite the use of the Youth Ordinance Bill to enforce curfews for minors and regulate the use of the internet, young people continue to fight for their own freedom through underground methods. One such group calls themselves Surat. They have decided to take on Fumito Nanahara, a man who has great influence on the political world, and basically controls Tokyo with an iron fist. While using the internet as a weapon to discover more information about Fumito, they learn about “Tower”, the secret organization behind Fumito which engages in human experimentation.

When members of Surat attempt to set up an ambush in the subway to expose the truth behind “Tower”, mysterious creatures suddenly appear and attack the passengers. During this crisis, Saya appears – a young girl who uses a Japanese blade to slay the Old Ones. The same Saya who lost everything dear to her in that horrifying incident in Ukishima Province. What sort of “experiment” is Fumito and “Tower” trying to conduct using the Old Ones? And can Saya finally deliver vengeance to Fumito?

Now, the final battle begins…

The trailer looks awesome. It really has the similar vibe as Blood: The Last Vampire most especially the train scene and even Saya’s uniform. I also noticed that the summary mentions the Youth Ordinance Bill. I guess this movie is a response to Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s bill. And I find it odd that the Japanese government is financially supporting this movie.