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I finally finished rewatching Night Raid 1931 in dub by Sentai Filmworks. I guess the plot is more understandable when it’s dubbed rather than the fansubs. No offense to the fansubbers but you really did your best. Anyway, here’s my last say on the voice actors.

Srsly, Greg Ayres does not fit as Aoi. I rather have Hiroyuki Yoshino instead since he expresses the character well. Ayres made Aoi sounded like a dork actually.

John Gremillion is in the same level as Daisuke Namikawa. In fact, both made Kazura’s voice so hot! But there’s a minor problem. In episode 13, the part where Kazura screams Aoi’s name after the plane crashed, I actually laughed on how Gremillion played on that part. It sounded pathetic. But still, he’s awesome. He should have more main roles in the future.

Brittney Karbowski played well as Yukina. I couldn’t blame Yoshiko Ikuta since she’s a newbie seiyuu unlike Karbowski who’s been in the voice acting business for a long time. Anyway, she did a great job.

David Wald is actually meh. I don’t know but since Natsume’s characterization is not developed much, I think he doesn’t know how to play him well.

Andrew Love is great in playing Isao. He’s also in the same level as Hiroaki Hirata. Though, I’m getting used to hear Hirata’s wacky voice, no thanks to Tiger & Bunny. Damn, Love really sounds like those scheming guys who have the cover of being nice.

Carli Mosier did well as Shizune. Whenever she narrates, she’s like those computer AIs who gave mission briefings which sounded awesome. But when she played as the character herself, meh! Ayako Kawasumi did the role better.

John Kasier also did well as Sakurai. He really sounded like M (played by Bernard Lee) of James Bond. Ryunosuke Oobayashi would fit well if he made Sakurai sounded like some shady Japanese businessman.

Some problems in the dub are the foreign characters such as the Indian national and the real-life British historical figure, Lytton in which they have no accents. In fact, they have the same problems as the original Japanese dub. What’s worse is that Lytton really sounded like an American instead of a British accent.

Anyway, I’m glad that this show got dubbed and got the attention of the people outside Japan. Srsly, there should be more anime that as a setting on 1930’s, particularly in Japan. But, yeah, that period is considered to be darkest in Japanese history and that it might open some wounds.