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Apparently, this ONA is only 20 minutes, good to kill time when you have nothing to watch. For some, it’s indeed confusing. But watching it over again, you’ll get the general idea. Howeverm if you’re only interesting in the story, then, you’ll be disappointed.

Kyousogiga is all about a young girl named Koto, who desires to go home once she and her younger brothers, A and Un,find the black rabbit. They’re under the guardianship of Myoue, a Buddhist monk, who is annoyed of their antics, such as destroying public property. Apparently, Myoue is a member of the Triumvirate, a group of three individuals who desire to see “mother” again, also named “Koto”. But she’s called “Miyako” by other people. It is implied that “Koto” is the black rabbit or that she is the founder of Kyoto City or that she is the other self of Koto.

This guy in the rabbit suit? He only has two scenes!

This person? I have no idea.

The other two members are Yase, a youkai in a Victorian dress, and Kurama, an elderly monk. There’s also a another person working for Kurama. Her name is Shouko, a scientist, who is also annoyed of Koto and co.’s antics. She also controls a giant golden mech, Bishimaru, which is also a treasured Relic. There are also other characters who seem very important but have little screen time.

Don't worry, Koto. We don't get it either!

Unfortunately, most, if not all, of the scenes from the PV were not shown here. Given the fact that this is only 20 minutes, you really have no idea what the story is all about and who these characters are. Though it has a lot of references from Alice Of Wonderland, you might get the gist of it. This blog could help but not really. Apparently, the story is based from Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There“. Koto and her siblings want to go home but the Triumvirate sees Koto as their “mother”. Of course, they are trying to confuse her if she and “Koto” are one in the same. In the end, it turns out that they are two different entities with Koto, telling “Koto” her desire to go home. But it turns out that she can’t go home anymore. I don’t know. That’s what I’ve understood from the story.

Anyway, that’s all you can get from this ONA with a save menu to boot. This is probably a test run to see if this show has the potential of becoming a TV series or an OVA series. I’m pretty sure that there will be one. Look at Black Rock Shooter. At first, it was just a Vocaloid song and later, one-episode ONA. And now, it got its own TV series under the noitamina timeslot. I’m sure that Kyousogiga will go under the same route as BRS. Why would they give us one episode ONA which lasted for 20 minutes, with superb animation and with little background on the plot and characters? They’re promoting this wonderful show, everyone! They’re forcing us to ask for more of this. And they got it right. We want more!