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I’ve just realized that I didn’t post my favorite characters last year. Well, the list got lost and I’ve to start it again by scratch 😄 Anyway, I’ll post my list on that including this year’s list tomorrow.

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica ED (“Magia” by Kalafina)

2. Ano Hana ED (“Secret Base~10 years after~” by Ai Kayano, Saori Hayama and Haruka Tomatsu)

3. Ao no Exorcist ED 2 (“Wired Life” by Meisa Kuroki)

4. UN-GO ED (“Fantasy” by Lama)

5. C-Control ED (“RPG” by school food punishment)

6. Tiger & Bunyy ED 2 (“Mind Game” by Tamaki)

7. Mawaru Penguindrum ED 3 (“Haiiro no Suiyoubi” by Triple H)

8. No. 6 ED (“Rokutousei no Yoru” by Aimer)

9. Gosick ED 1 (“Resuscitated Hope” by Lisa Komine)

10. Supernatural the Animation ED (“Carry My Wayward Son” by Kansas)