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It’s that time again to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012. Yes, we all know that 2012 will have some major events asides from the impeding “doomsday”. But 2011 also had a lot of major events whether they are good or bad. Plus, there are great shows and bad shows out there which slightly dispel the so-called “anime sucks these days” mantra. Check out this page on my impressions of the animes that I’ve watched.

*BTW, I didn’t include Persona 4, Phi Brain Puzzle and Guilty Crown since they’re currently airing until the last weeks of  March 2012. They’ll be included in the 2012 anime if humanity survives. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon will also be included as well since there’s a second season.

Tiger & Bunny really glued me into my seat. I’m glad that I’ve watched this show from the beginning till the end. Though it has some problems, it already spawned its own fanbase, mostly fujoshis. But hey, thanks to them, this show became a big hit with all the merchandises. It’s nice to watch the development on T&B duo. Hopefully, the movies will bring in more adventures and more screen time for Sky High and Lunatic! Oh, and special thanks to This is Sternbild blog for all the T&B info!

Puella Magi Mahou Shoujo also spawned its own fanbase with a lot of merchandises. At first, I wasn’t much interested in this show because I thought it’s just one of those moe shows which otakus love. But I was wrong when I found out that it deconstructs the tropes of your basic magical girl shows. The latter episodes really made the show great and somehow there are some parts of the show that made me cry. Anyway, it’s guaranteed that this is already the best show in 2011. BTW, I still think Kyuubey is Satan.

Luckily, I managed to finish Steins;Gate before the year ends. I was really confused when I’ve watched the first episode but then, I get to understand most especially when episode 12 comes in. Also, I love how Rintarou Okabe’s personality shifted in the 2nd half. He really reminds of a certain magical girl with time travelling powers. And it’s so cooooollllll~ sonovabitch!

Apparently, Mawaru Penguindrum didn’t pique my interest until one friend recommend me to watch this because Yoshiko Ikuta has another role (well, minor role) in it. So, I watched it and then, I enjoyed it. But I’m very annoyed at Ringo  aka Ms. Stalker Bitch, at first. However, at least, she slows down a bit. Plus, I really like the craziness in it.

UN-Go is not really a detective show per se. It’s more than that. I mean, the original material is not written the way how detective writers from Holmes era created. The show focuses more on the social commentary and I’m very sure that it’s criticizing the government, not only Japanese government, maybe your own government in your country.

Blood-C is really a show that is hard to like. Yeah, yeah, I know majority of the anime fandom hates this show 100%. Yeah, I admit that it has a lot of problems. Yeah, I admit that Saya Kisaragi is annoying. Yeah, I admit that I enjoy the setting and twists that are left out. Yeah, I know that majority of the hate comes from those who are hardcore Blood+ fans who also haven’t seen the original Blood:The Last Vampire and aren’t familiar with Nanase Ohkawa’s writing. Yeah, I know BD/DVDs sale were low. And yeah, I know that Tsutomu Mizushima fails his role as a director. But once the movie comes WITH A DIFFERENT DIRECTOR AND STAFF TO BOOT, then, the series would gain some redemption. Srsly, Production I.G. should have hired a director who is very familiar with the Blood franchise.

I thought this is another Anime no Chikara project but Ano Hana falls under the noitamina timeslot. This show somehow made me cry and yeah, I know some people don’t like the sudden bawling of the characters near the end. But hey, this is an enjoyable and heartwarming story.

Level E is off the radars of most viewers for obvious reasons (hint: where’s the moe?). Anyway, this is also the lesser works of Toguichi (the creator of Hunter x Hunter) which already finished way back in 1996. This show really trolls a lot and I’m not just talking about the characters themselves. But the middle episodes, such as the Color Rangers arcs, weren’t the best ones. The first 3 episodes and the last 2 episodes were actually the best ones. So, if you happened to drop this show becaUse of Color Rangers arcs, then you’re easily fooled by Toguichi’s—–err, Baka Ouji’s trolling skills.

Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san is a 15 minute show with a lot of laughs and I had to admit, I’m watching this show because Daisuke Namikawa is using his sexy deep voice again. And I’m happy that his character is wearing a badass suit. Plus, I love the cast including the sexist Salamander (no thanks to Kazuya Nakai’s voice! Curse you, Date Masamune!). But I really want more Akutabe screen time since Sakuma and Azazel gets more focus. But hey, Azazel’s name on the title, so, whatever.

I’ve watched the original live-action of Supernatural The Animation before in which my brothers are big fans of it. Most of the episodes are adapted from the original but there are also anime-original episodes. I’m a bit uncomfortable with English dub because the acting sucks (sorry, Jared, I like you better in the live-action). Anyway, I like the live-action better when it comes to comedy. The drama is all right but a bit forced. You know that part where Sam was stabbed and Dean calls out his name while clutching his body near the end?  The live-action is much better most especially when “Carry My Wayward Son” by Kansas is played. Also, Jessica’s death is more dramatic in the live-action than in the anime.

C-Control is okay but I’m not satisfied with the last episodes most especially the ending. Plus, the protagonist is not very interesting because he lacks goals and motivation. I wished this show would have more episodes just to clear a few confusing subplots. But hey, I did learn something from it and it’s money. Money is obviously serious business.

Likewise to Steins;Gate, I managed to finish Gosick before the year ends. I like the dynamics between Victorique and Kujo better than Huey and Dalian of Dantalian no Shoka. Except that Kujo is really the stupid Watson. But at least, his interaction with Victorique softens her and made her more human.

Dantalian no Shoka is very similar to Gosick but it revolves on books instead. The male lead, Huey, is more competent and smarter than Kujo but Dalian is meaner than Victorique. Their dynamics would be more interesting if Huey interacts Dalian more in a humane way. Plus, it would be better if there’s some character development between the two.

Out of the four Marvel anime projects, X-Men is the best. But I’m very annoyed at Hisako because she’s like an annoying teenage girl. I hope Wolverine could whip her up and make her more mature. And at least, Cyclops isn’t that emo-angsting turd because his girlfriend died. He somehow improves but, he’s still angsty.

Now for the shows which somehow made me disappointed

Similar to Hyakka Ryoaran Samurai Girls, I decided to watch this because of Junji Majima and Kouji Yusa (who played as the one of the bad guys). But this one gave me mixed feelings. Sure, I enjoyed the dynamics of Ayumu Aikawa and his buddies. But somehow, this is just your standard harem anime. I don’t know have any plans in watching the second season.

No.6 is utterly disappointing. Compressing a sci-fi novel with 9 volumes into 11 episodes is bad management. Please do not repeat the same mistake that David Lynch did to Frank Herbert’s Dune. Anyway,it would be better if it is 22 episodes so that, some information will not be left out.
Wolverine is a bit better than Iron Man but still it has a lot of problems. I really don’t like Kakyo since his appearance already ruined my expectations for other Marvel character who are connected to Wolverine and Mariko storyline. His action scenes are boring. He doesn’t have any development at all. He’s just a ripoff version of Silver Samurai.

At first, I was very excited when there’s anime version of Ao no Exorcist. I’ve read the manga and i imagined how the scenes will played out in the anime. But sadly, the last 8 episodes slowly destroyed my expectations. My biggest complaints are the inconsistency in the characters and making Satan a good guy. The latter is just stupid. It’s like making Hitler or Kim Jong-il good guys despite their atrocities.

Now the shows that made me bored.

Despite being a fujoshi, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi really made me bored. I don’t know why but it’s probably the direction. I really like some of the couples but the main couple just annoys me to hell. Can anyone tell me if Junjou Romantica is way better than this one or does it sucked too?

I regret watching Sacred Seven. I only watched this show because the butler looks cute and that Megumi Nakajima is back again in a starring role. But, srsly, this show is so bad. Not just bad. Terrible. It really ripoffs those Kamen Rider shows but srsly, it is so random and messed up that it really annoys you to hell. Sorry, I know Blood-C should receive the title, “Worst Anime of the Year” but this show deserved it. Well, at least, gg subs made it entertaining.

Also, this year, I’ve watched 3 2010 animes: Sora no Woto, Sengoku Basara (1&2) and Shiki. Too bad, I didn’t include them in my list last year. Oh, well. That’s all for now. Let’s wait for 12/21/12.