Call me a pedobear, but I’m like Sayo who is fangirling over Atsushi.

Kyaaa! Atsushi, take me to your castle~!

Though, I was wondering if Sayo knew that Atsushi is actually 11 years old. In this episode, she treats Atsumi like a little kid by giving her food so that she can grow tall etc. And along with that, a bunch of male classmates were eavesdropping their conversation. I don’t know they’re so interested in that until Sayo talks about what kind of guys she and Atsumi. For Atsumi, well, she wants someone who is taller than her or just the same height. So, yeah, her male classmates could fit *cue eavedroppers cheering for joy*. For Sayo, she likes guys who are 180 cm by height like Atsushi *cue Atsushi sneezing while being with classmates*

Anyway, good episode. I wish there are more scenes of Atsushi. I mean, srsly, the guy…eerr, kid….oh wait, boy is really cute. I don’t have anything against Atsumi but I wish there’s more on Atsushi’s side.