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inSweet mother of God! Could this episode get any better? With Lucius suffering culture shock again and getting hit by the Roman emperor, all I can say is that this anime needs more love!

Is he a) in a state of culture shock or b) masturbating?

The third episode features Lucius trying to make an indoor bathroom for Marcus’ mentor. Again, he visits modern Japan where he learns about Furo, the body scrub and the shampoo hat. It’s so hilarious for Lucius to mistake the old man as a chieftain of the tribe when he wore the hat. And then, Lucius gets another dose of culture shock XD When he got back to ancient Rome, he applied his “findings” again to Marcus’ mentor. Of course, his works reached the ears of Emperor Hadrian.

Monstrosity? It's the future!

Onto episode 4 where Lucius is requested by the emperor himself to build him a bath. Again, Lucius timetravels to modern Japan and this time, inside a bathroom store where he meets a good-looking saleslady. But Lucius still refers to her as “flat-faced” >_< The saleslady mistook Lucius as her Italian client who is also interested with the baths. As usual, Lucius learns about the TV in the bathroom. But he refers to it as an “aquarium”. Then, he learns about the toilet, the Japanese bidet,which has that squirting feature. I LOL’d when he was so fascinated with the toilet. Of course, some people find Japanese toilets weird. But, hey, Japanese toilets are the future! Again, back to ancient Rome, he applies his findings again to the emperor.

Marry me, Lucius! And together, we will rule the world....and have the ocassional butt sex!

BTW, Emperor Hadrian is actually a homosexual. So, yes, he has a mighty interest on Lucius *wink*. Then, before the credits roll, the one of the emperor guard was wondering about Lucius’ whereabouts. Then, another guard told them that he’s with the emperor so, yes, they do know about emperor’s sexual orientation. Take a second guess on the statues of the emperor which Marcus was asked to build. They’re all naked…

Well, at least, you got one decent good-looking female character in this show.

Aw, man. So, the last 2 episodes is next week. Bummer. I wish there were more. But, yeah, next month will be Black Rock Shooter. Not that I’m against it but I don’t find it suitable in the noitamina timeslot.