Finally, we got another episode about Atsushi!

Poor sensei might get caught for being a pedo

Well, it doesn’t look good for him. His teacher feels uncomfortable when she’s around Atsushi because she’s not good with men. When Atsushi starts undressing for PE class, she just screams, blushes and runs away. I can’t blame her because she’s probably not very ready in handling kids like Atsushi who needed special attention.

Poor Atsushi. No one understands what he's getting into...

Anyway, Atsushi is disappointed when his classmate, Hina, calls him, “dad” and then, gets mistaken again as a child molester. Poor Atsushi. But I’m wondering if the townspeople ever knew about Atsushi’s problem. It somehow bothers me that his parents didn’t tell them that Atsushi has this condition and shouldn’t be mistaken as an adult. But I guess they’re weren’t well-informed.  Still, it’s a good episode.