I’m sad that Thermae Romae ended. This one of the few shows (the other one is Recorder to Randseru) this Winter that kept me glued to the screen.

O Lucius......you're not Malfoy?

Anyway, Lucius was asked by the emperor to go to Mt. Vesuvius where he can build a hot spring. But  he meets a bunch of smelly bandits. He tries to be reasonable to the bandits and soaks himself in the hot spring. But again, he travels to modern Japan. And this time,  it’s in the river where there’s a small village. In that village, people go to the hot springs, wear yukata and eats some delicious buns, ramen and gyoza!

Lucius trains for the upcoming Olympics!

As usual, Lucius goes culture shock XD. There’s also this scene where two Japanese girls encouraged Lucius to play and then, he won a stuffed hippo! XD Of course, when he got back to his time, turning the area into a onsen village! So, yeah, it’s weird but awesome. And everybody live happily ever after!

Mmm~ ramen~

Well, it’s too bad that this series ended as Black Rock Shooter is coming next month. At least, I enjoyed this series and it really makes me want to try out in a onsen and eat delicious ramen. This really explains why the manga is selling so much in Japan with winning many awards and having an upcoming live-action movie to boot.

Who wears a helmet while taking a bath?!

I should really read the manga now.