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2012 didn’t seem to start right and  it’s not because the world is starting to end. Asides from the SOPA/PIPA issue and the downfall of MegaUpload, Winter 2012 anime didn’t seem to interest me very much. Most of the shows that I’ve looked do not stand out. Only four but only two shows made it worth for my anime-viewing pleasure. Of course, I have to wait for Black Rock Shooter but that’s next month.

  • Another- This show tries to become scary. But it’s not. Sure the atmosphere and scenery look scary but overdoing it just make it look pretentious. The director, who did another horror anime last year which ultimately failed to meet the expectation of viewers, is about to go the same road again. I guess he did not learn his lesson very well. BTW, I did read the manga before the anime started airing. And I’ll admit that the manga is way better than this anime. Then, again, that’s probably my bias. My other turnoffs are the character designs and the OP song.

  • Inu X Boku SS- The premise looks good. I like Shoushi and Ririchiyo and they do look like a great couple. Shoushi is so cute that I imagine having a dog collar around his neck *evil grin*. Rurichiyo is all right and she’s not one of those typical loli tsunderes because it’s clear that she has some issues. But there’s still something missing here because I couldn’t get the gist of it. Say like, who’s the enemy that the two would face..something like that. Anyway, I better keep a look out of it or else, I’ll drop it. Oh, yes, there’s some fanservice just to throw in it on you guys and gals and comedy….but not enough comedy.