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Remember what I’ve said about the two shows that made it worth for my anime-viewing pleasure? Sad thing is that they’re too short and one of them is going to be replaced by Black Rock Shooter next month.

  • Thermae Romae- Honestly, I have no idea how I’ve gotten into this. Blame it on the first impression reviews 😛 Anyway, this show is obviously not on everybody’s watched list. No surprise. But it somehow got subbed. So, I watched it and I enjoyed it. The downside is the flash animation which is not everybody’s taste. But that’s okay because they’re missing the best part: the story. Plus, you get to learn a lot about Roman and Japanese baths considering that the mangaka used to live in Italty for some time. It’s too bad that it’s going to be replaced by Black Rock Shooter. Of course, the anime serves a promotional material for the upcoming live-action which be released this year.

  • Recorder to Randeseru- I think it is one of the shortest animes that I’ve ever watched because it’s only 3 minutes. It’s really a bummer because I love the characters and I’m fangirling on Atsushi ❤ Gah, you call me a pedobear or a shotacon but srsly, Atsushi is too hot as an 11-year-old. I pity for the treatment that he’d received because he looked like an adult. Damn genetics!

Anyway, those are the only Winter shows that I’ve watched. Black Rock Shooter will come around so I won’t bother putting up another first impression on that. I’m still watching the second half of  the Fall 2011 animes (Persona 4, Guilty Crown and Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle) and currently picking up Bakemonotagari. The Spring 2012 anime chart is out and there are a lot of interesting things here (like Zetman, Uchuu Kyoudai and Sakamichi no Apollon). Till then.