Another episode of Atsushi.

Awkward position

The first part is some festival about throwing beans at the demon. Atsushi really played well as the demon which also caused a lot of kids to be afraid of him. So disappointed, he tripped and landed on his teacher’s breasts on the face. XD Poor Atsushi….

Run, Atsushi, run!

And again, while going home, he got chased by the police because a woman thought he’s a child molester. Actually, it’s because he’s going home with his female classmates….so, uh, what’s with the loli harem? XD Also, when will the neighbors ever learn that Atsushi is not a child molester?!

Anyway, we also got a new character who is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. His name is Take and he’s a neighbor of Atsushi and Atsumi. But they didn’t show his face which makes me wonder what role would he play later on. Still, good episode.