Another episode of Atsushi.

Awkward position

The first part is some festival about throwing beans at the demon. Atsushi really played well as the demon which also caused a lot of kids to be afraid of him. So disappointed, he tripped and landed on his teacher’s breasts on the face. 😄 Poor Atsushi….

Run, Atsushi, run!

And again, while going home, he got chased by the police because a woman thought he’s a child molester. Actually, it’s because he’s going home with his female classmates….so, uh, what’s with the loli harem? 😄 Also, when will the neighbors ever learn that Atsushi is not a child molester?!

Anyway, we also got a new character who is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. His name is Take and he’s a neighbor of Atsushi and Atsumi. But they didn’t show his face which makes me wonder what role would he play later on. Still, good episode.