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Two years after the end of Bloody Monday, a new threat emerges intent on destroying Japan. But what will happen now that “Falcon” has since disappeared? Who will face the deadly “Shooter of the Magic Bullet”?

This has nothing to do with the second season of the live-action adaptation. But this manga continues Fujimaru’s adventure with Third-I and his goal to save Japan again from terrorists.

There are changes in this season such as Otoya’s grandpa being the new Prime Minister and the death of someone closed to Fujimaru among others. Plus, Fujimaru gets a love interest…I’ll not tell you who that is. The positive side of this manga is that characters like Kanou, Minami and Otoya were developed and there are more betrayal again.What’s more surprising is the identity of the mastermind himself. This manga is way darker than the 1st season.

The negative side is that some of the characters didn’t get much screen time. The biggest offense here is Aoi, who after a few chapters, was never heard or seen again. Another negative side is that the secret agencies featured here are incompetent and useless and always rely on Fujimaru. Yeah, we know Fujimaru is amazing in hacking and everything but can you, at least, give the kid a break? Plus, the excitement that the 1st season had is no longer featured here in this season. It’s becoming too boring, predictable and unrealistic.

Hopefully, the last season of Bloody Monday will bring back that excitement.