At least, it’s not anymore the part where Atsushi got mistaken again as a pedophile.

Anyway, since Valentines is around the corner, the girls in Atsushi’s class asked him if he’s interested in chocolate. With or without nuts. But Atsushi’s friends warned him not to eat chocolate alone because he’ll go screaming “CHOCOLAAAAATTTTEEEE!” he’ll get an upset stomach.

Meanwhile, Atsumi and Sayo went shopping to buy and make some chocolate. Obviously, Sayo wants to make chocolate for Atsushi. Later, Atsushi receives lots of chocolate from his female classmates. Boy, this guy is really popular. But the chocolate made by his classmates were……..how should I say this?……I don’t know……looked like dog poo, I think…..Anyway, never expect homemade chocolate from an elementary schooler.

Still a good episode with a few chuckles. But it would be hilarious if the episode is like this clip from Spongebob Squarepants.