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Winter 2012 still bores me but at least, Another and Inu x Boku SS are getting better…..for the meantime while Recorder to Randeseru is still funny as long as they don’t use that “Atsushi got mistaken as a child offender” again. And Black Rock Shooter annoys me with its exaggerating drama.

Anyway, I managed to finish 2 animes which are deem hyped by the mass and overall, weird and confusing.


Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and originally written by Nisio Isin, this anime is known for its confusing dialogue and wordplay which may bring a headache to some non-Japanese viewers. A friend of mine recommended me this anime because she said it’s psychological. Idk what she meant by psychological but I have to see. And indeed, there’s some psychology in it.

Anyway,  the story is all about Koyomi Araragi, who used to be a vampire but got back again as a human (though his vampiric traits are still present). He got himself involved in strange supernatural stuff which involves his female acquaintances and tries to help them whenever he can with the aid of Meme Oshino, the guy who cured of being a vampire.

Apparently, most the scenes involved much of the conversations between Araragi and the people involved around him. Usually, these conversation are trivial and may not be related to the story. Sometimes, the show keeps using black or red screens or shots of Araragi’s eye given the fact that this is Shinbo’s trademark along with some stylish artwork. And that psychological aspect that my friend keeps mentioning, I managed to see it. Similar to xxxHolic, the characters who suddenly got involved with the supernatural have issues which remained unresolved. And like Watanuki of xxxHolic, Araragi voluntarily helps them. Araragi also has problems of his own but it wasn’t focus much here because those will be shown in the sequel Nisemonogatari and the upcoming prequel movie, Kizumonogatari. So, would I recommend this to everyone? No. If you’re into action (like Naruto or Bleach) or have a short attention span, then you’ll not like this show. But if you really like heavy dialogue shows, then you might like this one.


Story is about Yuki, a high school girl, who discovered a secret of her friend, Tetsu. His secret is that he has a pet monster named Cenco who can transform into anything. Unfortunately, this kind of monster attracts the attention of the Japanese military and another boy who also has a pet monster similar to Cenco. BTW, this is not those pokemon or digimon types because those monster can eat you alive but you’ll find yourself inside a soft belly. The boys, and later Yuki, have the ability to control these monsters using their hair. I’m not kidding. The hair acts like an antennae for the monsters.

Similar to Kyousogiga, you’ll have no idea what’s going on. You’ll never know much about the characters or the origins of these monsters because this show only last for 26 minutes. There’s also an upcoming sequel for this but there’s no announcement of it yet. BTW, this anime is very similar to those kaiju movies.