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I know that I used to feature musicians in my other blog. But this post is all about Genki Sudo’s World Order and I really need to feature this to the rest of the anime fandom.

pivix art courtesy of 上海

Genki Sudo used to be a MMA fighter and he’s well-known for his dance routine openings and his catchphrase “We Are All One”. When he retired, he starred in a couple of Kamen Rider shows and started his own music group called WORLD ORDER. This group is known for its upbeat, electronic music and its synchronized, robotic dance moves. Eventually, they garnered a lot of fans around the world. They also sponsored DELL Streak Android phone.

I really love their videos. They managed to keep a straight face and didn’t bother the people around them. The passer-byes are probably wondering why are these Japanese salarymen dancing in such a robotic way.  It’s really hilarious actually. BTW, they also did a cover song of Daa! Daa! Daa! (Boy Meets Girl), the ED theme of UFO Baby.

You can visit their official Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/crnaviofficial

And their official website: http://worldorder.jp/