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Yeah, it’s probably late but whatever. I finally finished it and it really breaks my heart when I watched it from the beginning until the end.

Here's a tribute to all the Macrosses out there

Anyway, I enjoyed the songs and the concerts held by Sheryl and Ranka. But I’ve to say that it’s going to be a sad ride for them including Alto. I’m glad that Alto finally made a choice on who is he going to end up with and it’s Sheryl. I think it’s very obvious in the flashback where he and Sheryl met when they were young and Alto is still in kabuki acting.

The movie departs from the original story where there’s a conspiracy war between Leon, who manipulates the Frontier government, and Grace, who is actually under the control of the remaining Galaxy government members, regarding the fold technology. For the latter, she’s not really a bad guy after all and in the end, she does care about Sheryl. Same goes to Brera, who is also under the Galaxy’s control. But I’m sad that he sacrifices himself to stop them and let Alto take the helm in convincing the Vajra that they’re not their enemies……This really sounds familiar (Clue: it has something to do with Gundam).

Anyway, I’m glad that Michel didn’t die and Nanase made a small appearance as Ranka’s assistant. Still, there are casualties such as Leon, President Glass and the other Frontier government members, who were shot by a mind-controlled Brera. And I’m bit sad about Alto’s fate and Sheryl, going into a coma. But I’ve read an interview by Shoji Kawamori that Alto’s alive and Sheryl wakes up from her coma. Kawamori really trolled us on that and it’s up to our imagination.

Since Kawamori is busy with other projects this 2012, I’m sure that there will be more Macross in the future. The music is awesome, the visuals are breathtaking and, lastly, I’m glad that the love triangle has finally resolved.