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Just so you know, the official PV of Thermae Roman is only visible to those who are in Japan. So, watch this one instead.

Anyway, the music video is all about a Roman soldier who stumbled in the middle of the streets of Tokyo. Idk how he got there but his appearance looked like he’s been some a cosplay convention been in combat. LOL He’s so skinny that I would assume he’s just some cosplayer. Anyway, this guy enters a nearby bath house and places his shield and sword in the baggage counter. Unlike Lucius (the protagonist of the series), he doesn’t seem surprised with the mysterious place that he had stumbled upon. The owner of the bath house probably assumes that his new customer must be some gaijin cosplayer XD XD XD

So, the “soldier” starts taking a bath and relaxing. Yeah, he’s really enjoying it. Then, later, another foreigner comes in the bathroom and much to the soldier’s surprise, it’s his enemy. Well, for a second, I thought the enemy soldier looked like some Hollywood actor but then, he’s probably another “gaijin cosplayer” XD XD. Since the soldier left his sword on the baggage counter, he’ll just let his enemy take his bath. After taking a bath, the soldiers got out, put on the towels and wear them like togas. Then, they draw their swords but the old owner of the bath house stops them and uses his aikido moves to throw them down on the floor. O_O Awesome, grandpa! His look is like, “You cosplaying kids stop fighting in my bath house!” XD XD Then, he gives them two bottles of fruit milk. And the video ends with the two soldiers drinking fruit milk and then, they made peace.XD XD XD

That’s one funny video. Chatmonchy didn’t make an appearance.  But the song made it in the Oricon charts at #13! Yeah, Thermae Romae is indeed famous in Japan. Still can’t wait for the live-action movie!