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I’m practically bored. So, again, I present to you another video of Genki Sudo’s World Order.

They did a cover song of “Boy Meets Girl” which is the ending of UFO Baby. I’m a bit curious if Genki watch some anime XD Anyway, the video is hilarious. It’s way different from all of their videos. It’s all about Genki and the boys going on a date with the girls across the table. The most memorable parts:

  • One of the boys, Hayato Uchiyama (the one with the round glasses) is trying to get the attention of everybody. Then, later, he got slapped by one of the girls XD
  • The beginning of the video, where Akihiro Takahashi asked for a table from one of the waiters. (0:09-0:11) I LOL’d on how he moves but he didn’t exactly talked.
  • The hip thrusting with straight faces! XD XD XD
  • Ryo Noguchi (who is the chief choreographer) jiggles his head after finishing his drink and then, droops his head down like he ran out of batteries XD (1:17-1:22)
  • I noticed that the iphone of the girl beside Uchiyama is off. (1:57)
  • Noguchi, shaking the maracas along with his head XD XD (2:38)
  • The part where Genki pops the champagne! (3:55-4:01)
  • The last part of the video where Takahashi shows the rest of the boys his phone. The boys were like “Srsly?! You got her number?!” Yeah, I know they’re all poker face but their gestures say so.

I would imagine that during the behind-the-scenes, there were a lot of takes and the boys kept laughing for the crazy things that Genki told them to do.

BTW, I learn the names of the boys from their official site. But there’s no other info about them asides from their birthdays and blood types. Oh, and one of the guys, Kiyoyuki “Kikky” Sugiyama (the one who is holding a tray for Genki in “Machine Civilization”) graduated from the group and was replaced by Takashi Jonishi which is why you didn’t see him in “2012”.

Anyway, I’m still hoping for their next video.