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I’m just glad that Atsumi is always there for her “little” brother.

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You see, Atsushi was invited by Hina to come to her house but he doesn’t know what to wear. Atsumi is kinda disturbed by the clothes that their neighbor, Take, gave to Atsushi because they are….for adults…..I’m still wondering if Take knows about Atsushi’s age.

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What’s worse for Atsushi is that Hina’s mom didn’t invite him because…again, his appearance. But anyway, Atsumi cheers him up. D’aaaww~ she’s such a good and caring onee-chan! BTW, she even mentions about her mom which we haven’t seen her yet. But what bothers me is that do the parents of Atsushi and Atsumi ever remind their neighbors and the people in the town about Atsushi? Sheesh, talk about lack on responsible parenting.