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Well, Winter 2012 anime is slowly ending. But I’m not very impressed with the shows featured this year except for Phi Brain and Another. I really want those other terrible shows (which I rate them 7 except for the OVAs/Specials) to end  right now. Anyway, I’m just glad that I’ve finished two shows which really need more attention.

The Big O

The story is set in Paradigm City, a city where the people lost their memories 40 years ago. The main protagonist is Roger Smith, a Negotiator, who resolves the problems of the citizens when needed. He’s aided by a female android named R. Dorthy Waynewright and his butler, Norman Burg. But when bigger threats arise, Roger summons the black megadeus (a mecha) called Big O.

Anyway, the animation style is very similar to Batman: The Animated Series and the characters of this anime are very similar to the characters in Batman. Heck, Roger is indeed like Bruce Wayne and his butler is indeed an allusion to Alfred. I had a funny feeling that Paradigm City is probably Gotham City without memories XD XD

BTW, there’s also an interesting fact is that there’s supposed to 26 episodes but the ratings in Japan were low so, it’s cut down to 13 episodes. Fortunately, it is well received outside Japan and then, season 2 was made with Cartoon Network as co-producers. But the real downside is the ending which is overall confusing.Still, it’s an enjoyable anime with elements of film noir and mystery. Oh, Keiichi Sato, the director of Tiger & Bunny, is involved with this show So, yeah, there’s a Dorothy look-alike in that Sky High episode.

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

The story is about a wondering ronin named Yojirou Akizuki whose mission is to destroy the Lord’s Head (an ancient and mystical object which caused a lot of chaos). Then, he meets a troupe of actors, headed by Kakunojo Yukiyama, who are out for revenge on a certain man. Their fates intertwined as Akizuki provides assistance and protection for them while he continues his quest.

Anyway, this anime is set in the Bakumatsu period (the ending years of the Tokugawa Era and the beginning of the Meiji Era) so you’ll meet two of the famous Shinsengumi (such as Souji Okita and Toshizo Hijikata) who are well acquainted to Akizuki. Of course, there are other real historical figures as well such as Katsu Kaishuu, Takeaki Enomoto (they even got his funny mustache all right) and Ryoma Sakamoto (Akizuki was his bodyguard but unfortunately as per history says, Sakamoto was assassinated which affected Akizuki greatly). The one thing that I really like about this anime is Akizuki becaus he’s so badass and awesome. Probably badass as Kenshin Himura. But there’s some things that annoy me such as the Yukiyama troupe. Yeah, I get their mission but on the second half, they became useless (except for Kakunojo) most especially those two kids that Akizuki saved earlier! There’s also that eyepatched, half- British gunslinger named Kanna, who always gets the odds with Akizuki but in the end,  he’s wasted.

Despite the negative points, this anime is still enjoyable and action is awesome. It’s a bit like Night Raid 1931, where they also emphasize much with history and some supernatural elements.