HHNNNGGG!! Can’t they just stop making Atsushi looked like the suspicious bad guy again?! It’s getting on my nerves!!!!!

No, Atsushi! I'm not letting those misinformed idiots label you as the bad guy again!

Anyway, Atsushi asks Atsumi to make homemade cookies for White Day. But later, his teacher confiscates the cookies because it’s according to school policy that you’re not allowed to bring snacks to school. LOL, what kind of rule is that?

And again, Atsushi gives his White Day present to Hina which is actually a trading card. But he was seen again as a suspicious child molester. Srsly, that joke is already tired. Those PTA and police patrols should stop mistaking Atsushi as the bad guy and instead focus on promoting Joseph Kony as the real bad guy. (Sorry, I just watched that video and it’s really informative). But still, this episode is the same old thing. I wonder how many episodes are left.