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Last season’s noitamina shows (excluding Thermae Romae) left me bitter. But I’m just glad that this season’s noitamina shows are worth watching.

  • Tsuritama- I think I lost count on how weird shows that I’ve watched for the past years. Still, I really love the animation and the music, most especially the OP song. Yuki’s reactions reminded me of every SHAFT protagonist voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya XD The characters are funny as the cast of Arakawa Under the Bridge. I had a weird feeling that Haru is probably a long lost relative of Nino XD Fishing is indeed serious business!

  • Sakamachi no Apollon- The most highly anticipated show in everybody’s watchlist due to the return of the Cowboy Bebop duo, Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno! I’m aware that some BL fans were rooting for Kaoru/Sentaru pairing but you can tell (even in the manga) that there’s a love polygon between the main characters. Anyway, that’s wishful thinking. Still, I like the story on how Kaoru warms up with his relationship with his friends. I would imagine that this show would be in a live-action form.