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Well, it was open last month. But it seems Anime News Network and Crunchyroll didn’t bother to update it. Dunno why but maybe there’s “too preoccupied”. And it turns out it will be 2-episode OVA! I guess it’s way better than a TV animated series. The first OVA will be released this year while the second OVA will be released next year.

The site only feature the staff and cast list. The director of the OVA will be Naoyuki Kuzuya and the screenplay will be written by Deko Akao. The animation studio is “Team KG, Anpro”. I never heard of them before or what are their works.

The cast from the game will reprise their roles in this OVA. You can check who voice the Miyanomori brothers. I’ll probably update who are cast for the secondary characters if I have time. As for the voice actress for the heroine, IDK. Srsly, they put the heroine on the promo art and didn’t announce who will be her voice actress?! Or maybe, they’re still searching for one?

Note: sources came from the Japanese wiki page and the official OVA site.