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Yeah, this is very late. Blame real life responsibilities, procrastination and writer’s block. Anyway, This is my first time in making my last impressions on the animes which are aired this year. This is sort of a mini review.

  • Guilty Crown- Oh god, where to begin? It’s entertaining. Imagine this as Michael Bay’s Transformers movies with lots of explosion and pretty girls plus a wimpy male lead. And Guilty Crown has all of it but also has an interesting concept with meteor virus and pulling out voids! But the main problem is that it’s very messed up. The setting is so random. I have no idea why in the hell would the UN would attack Japan or why Funeral Parlor go against the government. The other main problem is the characters. I don’t know the real motive of Funeral Parlor and any little background of the supporting characters. I’m very pissed at Shu, who is probably the anime version of Sam Witwicky and if this is a live-action movie, then Shia LeBeouf would be perfect in playing Shu. Inori is very shallow as Megan Fox and her Victoria’s Secret model replacement (I forgot her name, sorry). I really like Gai but I hate him in the second half. Anyway ,it’s an entertaining show but there’s nothing meaningful to it. I’ll probably recommend this one to those who love explosions!

  • Black Rock Shooter- I really regret watching this. Idk why but the slice-of-life scenes are really terrible. I really don’t like the melodrama displayed here because it really reminds of those cheesy and corny telenovelas (or teleseryes which my country calls them) that I’ve watched before. Plus, the psychotic display of the characters is so pretentious. Srsly,the more I’ve watched this show, the more I got annoyed with the characters. The only thing that I’ve liked here is the battles in the Otherworld. Sheesh, Mari Okada is hyped too much and really needs a break. I’ll probably recommend this one to those who love telenovelas.