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Since Blood-C: The Last Dark will be out on June 2, Production I.G. aired two recap episodes which will bridge to the movie itself. The first one is already out and still in raw. Now, if you heard about negative reception of the TV series but wanted to watch because of the movie, then this recap summarizes all the events that had happened from episodes 1 to 10.  Anyway, there’s still no new scenes in this episode. So, the only thing that is new was the narration done by Itsuki Tomofusa (voiced by Atsushi Abe). Note: As of this writing, this one is not yet subbed, but if you’ve seen the TV series then you know what’s going on.

Direct intervention is necessary.

So, the recap starts at the last scene of episode 12 when Fumito shoots Saya on the eye (which is censored in black lines again) as he flees the town which is already destroyed. Then, we’re back where everything started: episode 1. So yeah, Tadayoshi reminds Saya, then Saya goes to school, sings along the way, meets the dog, goes to school and meets her teacher and classmates.

“You will regret your resistance, Shep—er, Saya”

Then, we got the summarized version of all the Furukimono battles that Saya faced from episodes 1 to 10. What’s missing is her battle against the samurai Furukimono from episode 7 but that might be seen in the next recap.

“BTW, Saya, did you know that I’m actually Harbinger?”

Then, the man of the hour has appeared: the slick bastard Fumito Nanahara. Then, we’re back with the scene where Kanako-sensei tells the class about the Furukimono with Saya, fainting. And again, Nene visits Saya and gets killed. No battles here so, we’re jumped into the scene where Saya encounters the dog, who speaks to her for the first time. And again, Nono confronts Saya about Nene’s disapearance and gets killed. Fast forward again to the start of episode 10 where Tokizane gets killed.

Join the Reapers, Saya!

Now, we’re at the part where we got a short version of Saya’s battle against Furukimono that attacked her classmates while Nana Mizuki’s “Junketsu Paradox” is played. The recap ended with Kanako-sensei asking if she killed all of her classmates (except Itsuki) and with the bet between Saya and Fumito. Then, we got the movie trailer with Nana Mizuki’s “Metro Baroque” playing!


Anyway, this recap really saved the trouble of seeing those prolonged scenes of Saya’s school life and battles. Now, I was wondering why Itsuki gets to narrate the TV series. You could have Yuuka or Kanako-sensei as the narrator. Fumito is also a possible narrator but he’s the mastermind of everything and he might just spoil everything. So, why Itsuki? I’ll probably assume that since Itsuki really has feelings for Saya and knows what’s going on in Fumito’s experiment, he is telling us, the audience, what’s in store for us in the movie.

P.S.: Please don’t ask me where to find the recap. Just google, “Blood-C: Special Edition 1” =_=