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Whoa, it’s really a big surprise that Yahoo Movies JP streamed the first 8 minutes of Blood-C: The Last Dark. But, yeah, the quality is so bad, it’s like we (who lived outside Japan) need to wait for the BD release. Still, this really makes me excited. BTW, I made a short summary if you can’t watch it in case they decided to region-lock it. But somehow I managed to watch it. Idk if that clip will still be available before the movie officially airs.

This is not The Walking Dead

There’s this curly haired guy who is breathing heavily and enters the subway train while two men in black (not starring Will Smith) are looking for him. The guy, who is slowly transforming into an Elder Bairn or Furukimono, stands in front of this chick, who is putting on her make-up. Unable to control himself, he kills the girl and the drunk guy, sitting next to her, stares in horror. People in that compartment started to panic and ran away while the Furukimono (who actually looked like a zombie) continues to eat the brains of that drunk guy. Then, he noticed this girl, Saya, who is just sitting down. Apparently, the Furukimono made a big mistake in smelling Saya because that girl started to slash him and the lights go out! Boom! The train went dark and people were panicking. Oh, I forgot, one of the characters, Mana Hiiragi, happen to be in that train too. So, the Furukimono starts running into that compartment where Mana is. He starts, uh….don’t know how to describe it but he acts like a typical zombie. He saw Mana and before he starts to devour her, Saya comes into the rescue. But the Furukimono grabs Mana and escapes. Saya chases the monster down in the city while two of Mana’s colleagues, Iori and Fujimaru, noticed that there’s something going on. Saya managed to track the Furukimono down before he eats Mana and then, she kills him in one blow. She takes off her coat and covers the remains of the monster. Mana wakes up and asks, “Who are you?” before a helicopter shows up and casts a light on Saya, who is soaked in blood……And the title card rolls up.

Whew! I’m really impatient right now. I’m a bit curious on why the Furukimono just abducted Mana instead of eating her. Maybe we get to see more in the movie itself. BTW, the music is awesome and if, you didn’t maximize your window, you will see how beautiful the animation is.