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As promised, I’ll present the cast list of the secondary characters for the upcoming Hanayaka OVA. They’re still the same cast from the game.

Genichirou Miyanomori (current head and father of the Miyanomori brothers): Tomomichi Nishimura

-Veteran seiyuu who really fits the role of a scheming father XD BTW, he’s Coach Anzai of Slam Dunk and Col. Mardukas of Full Metal Panic.

Sanae Sumida (Tadashi’s mom): Akemi Obata

Not very well known. The only anime role listed is Chaos;Head

Toki Honjouin (Isami’s mom): Harumi Asai

Originally, Toki’s voice actress is 川上夏季. Unfortunately, I can’t find any info about her. So her new voice actress is someone who doesn’t have any main role but uses a pseudonym when she starred in Hentai OVAs =_=’

Shizuko Yasuda (Shigeru’s mom): Nami Aizawa

Unfortunately, I can’t find any info about her. The closest match that I could find is a gravure model =_= But I really don’t think that’s her.

Fumiko Ariyoshi (Susumu’s mom): Yuko Gibu

You probably recognize her as Akira Okudaira of Aoi Hana and Maon Sakurada of Tamayose. Seems to voice a lot of cute girls. Can’t consider if Susumu’s mom is cute XD

Yoshi Saeki (Hiroshi’s mom): Yuriko Fuchizaki

Well known for her role in Oh! My Goddess as Megumi Morisato, in Sakura Wars as Ri Kohran, in Revolutionary Girl Utena as Anthy Himemiya and in the Precure franchise as Moop.

Chiyuko Imura (Masashi’s mom): Akane Sanada

Not very popular. The only anime role listed is Inu x Boku SS.

Chitomi Egawa (Head maid of the Miyanomori household): Keiko Koumyouji

Has very few anime roles. That’s all.

Tae Sugimura (One of the maids in the Miyanomori household, senpai to Haru): Risa Asaki

Not much anime roles. But she did voice in a lot of games particularly in the visual novel Rewrite as Lucia Konohana.

Norio Tsukumoin (Head butler of the Miyanomori household): Norio Kobayashi

The only anime role listed is Hakuouki as Genzaburou Inoue. He also did some technical stuff too.

Kisuke Arita (Informant for the Miyanomori household): Yusuke Katagiri

No anime roles yet. But he did voice in some games.