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Finally, the second and last recap episode is out.  Still in raw, but I think it would be interesting on what Itsuki is talking about.

Indoctrination in the process

Anyway, Itsuki reveals the company that Fumito works for: Seventh Heaven. Think of it of some sort of company that does underground experiments like the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil or Sari Industries from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Anyway, we’re back with the scenes where Fumito explains why the marshmallows is pink. Of course, we know why because it’s mixed with Elder Bairns blood.

Then, we’re here near the end of episode 10 and the beginning of episode 11 where Kanako-sensei, Tokizane and the Motoe twins revealed the truth to Saya and forced her to drink the Elder Bairns to restore her memories. Eventually, Yuka and Itsuki found out what they are doing and Fumito lets the Furukimono dispose Tokizane and the Motoe twins. Sorry, they cut out the gruesome details and the prolonged battles. So, they went to Kanako, begging Tadayoshi to save her. But of course, Tadayoshi is a human-Furukimono hybrid and bites Kanako. Again, the gruesome details are cut. So, now we’re treated with again the most awesome battle in the series: Saya vs. Tadayoshi.

Saya should have chosen the “Destroy” option instead.

Anyway, we know what happens next. Saya pursues Fumito who flees the town with Yuka while Itsuki sacrifices his life to save Saya from gunfire. Yeah, the town massacre is shortened including the human blender scenes. So, we’re back again with Saya about to slash Fumito, who in return shoots her in the eye. While Saya recovers, we have WataInu’s monologue about Saya’s wish.

Unfortunately, the “new scenes” are not here. Someone said that the new scenes are in the first recap episode. I watched it again but they were none. So, I think the “new scenes” or “secret content” are actually Itsuki’s narration. He did revealed the company where Fumito works and some other stuff which are not mentioned in the TV series. Still, for those who really want to watch this show without bearing to see the unnecessary “slice-of-life” scenes and the unneeded action, then these recap episodes are good for you.

Anyway, the movie is now showing in Japan. I’ve read some impressions from the Japanese moviegoers and some of them are mixed. Example, one Japanese blogger said that he enjoyed the movie (action and all) but he felt unsatisfied at the end because there are some questions that remained unanswered. I wouldn’t be surprised given how Nanase Ohkawa’s writing style currently just gives us open-ended questions like what she did in the last chapter of xxxHolic. Nonetheless, we (gaijins) really have to wait for the BD release of the movie.