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Every anime fan knows what noitamina. If you don’t know, noitamina is a  programming timeslot aimed for those outside the typical male demographic (otakus). In short, viewers who are young adults and older and are not typical otakus. But it somehow focuses more on the female audiences which I beg the differ *cough* Guilty Crown *cough*.  Some of the shows presented here reflect on life, society, morality, psychology, ethics, Japanese culture and sometimes, politics. And usually, they’re presented in some unique animation. So far, I’ve only watch 16 noitamina shows and I’m planning to watch 6 more including the ones which are not aired yet.

Oh, I’m not going to make some analysis or thesis on this timeslot. Go to this thread and read the whole 18 pages of it. XP I’m sure you’ll find some insights in it. So, I’ll just list the noitamina shows that I’ve watched and categorized them according to how I like it.

Pure Awesomeness

Kuuchuu Buranko (or Trapeze)

As a psychology graduate, I’ll say that I really love and appreciate this show. In fact, I recommend this one to my classmates and my instructor who is also an anime fan. Even though the animation style is weird, this is a show worth watching for over and over again. Plus, I love the OP and ED since it’s so catchy. It’s funny that I even made the ED as my ringtone XD. I really like Dr. Irabu. Despite his quirkiness, he does his job well and cares for his clients.

The Tatami Galaxy

It’s a bit difficult to watch and at the same time, read the subtitles due to the main character’s fast talking. But it’s still an interesting show with tons of comedy. Somehow, I can relate the main character since we both try to search that “rose-colored campus life”. At least, I succeeded. But for him, he went into different time loops until he finally discovered his true self. What’s also worth watching is shenanigans that he had to put up with the rest of the characters including his slippery friend, Ozu. Also, there’s Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s OP which is awesome.

Slight Awesomeness

Antique Bakery

Yes, it has some underlying BL tones in it. But still, this show somehow makes me hungry for cakes ! Plus, I like Tachibana as he is the most interesting character from the main cast, along with his mysterious past and his irresistible voice done by Keiji Fujiwara XD Pretty much, I think he’s the only character that made keep watching this show. Dunno about Ono and Chikage but Kanba somehow annoys me. Still, I’m deeply interested in seeing all those doujinshis with Tachibana as the uke! *evil laugh*

Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East)

This is one of few animes which I’ve watched that presented Japanese politics and society. Of course, this comes from the creator of Ghost of the Shell. But somehow, I wish this one should be longer. Yeah, there are two movies but still, it left me hanging so much that I really want to know more about the characters asides from Akira. BTW, Akira does remind me of Jason Bourne but asides from the memory loss thing. But unlike Bourne who uses both brains and brawn, Akira uses brains and technology. But the only thing that I dislike this show is Saki. Pretty much, she’s annoying and still, I’ve no idea what she really has to with the main premise other than helping Akira look into his past. Despite the negatives, I also like the OP and ED. The songs done by Oasis and school food punishment (both were already disbanded) are really memorable most especially the creative OP video.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Yeah, i have to type its super long title. I know some would tend to criticize its forced melodrama. But I have to say this show is one of the few shows that made me cry. It’s really nice to see how the Super Peace Busters reunited years after the death of a dear friend, who keeps “haunting” (haunting is not really the kind which I could describe XD) one of them. I could say this anime would really make you feel wanting to be with your old friends most especially due to certain incidents which kept them apart. I think this is true to the band who originally sang “Secret Base’ which is the anime’s ED song. Plus, I love Menma and she’s not really just an annoying moe character.

A little awesomeness


One of the few shows that present politics but a bit milder because the main focus is the border between truth vs. lie, fact vs. fiction and reality vs. unreality. Some people thought that this is a mystery show but it’s more than that. Yuuki does search for the truth but he has to fight against the system of censorship and fabrication which is also related with what’s going on in today’s politics. Of course, it did gave me some realization that not everything in the news is 100% accurate and objective. But given the fact that this is what most governments and media networks are doing today, I should say that Yuuki is really the lucky one who gets to see the truth and not silenced by lies.


This is the anime which has one of the most unique and weirdest art style ever. I know there are people who don’t like this kind of design. But I have to say, this is a very creative and yet, beautiful design. It’s also interesting that the Medicine Seller acts more than a exorcist/detective instead of his job title XD. Jk! Anyway, it’s also nice that he remains calms when the side characters panick as the demons start attacking. Plus, there’s also some interesting twists too.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

This shows present economics and it really brought interest to those economic and business nerds. But again, this show does not dictate how money works in RL. This shows how we became responsible in handling our finances which, of course, helps our future. Of course, it does have some criticisms from viewers but probably, they weren’t able to see the real message in it. The setting actually relates our current global economic status in RL and yet, it’s a bit bothersome that people complain solely on the plot and not getting the message. But again, these people are probably unaware on what’s happening in today’s society.

Saraiya Goyou (House of Five Leaves)

Yeah, I know a lot of people are turned off by the weird character design. But still, this show has a lot of interesting twists and events. I really like the characters here most especially Masa and Yaichi. Yet, I really like how Masa gets involved in Yaichi’s life. He’s also one of the most interesting characters asides from Yaichi not only because he’s voiced by Daisuke Namikawa XD. But he’s just this simple guy who likes to help people whenever he can.


Now this is a very interesting vampire story with no sparkles, no stupid Mary Sues and no vampires with too much make-up. This show really has the most amazing characters (minus that ugly Masao) and yet, they have their own dilemmas regarding the changes in the villages which ultimately sets a manhunt against the Shikis. What’s more interesting is the morality that the characters from both sides had to face. Plus, the music is beautiful and really lives up the horror. And buck-tick’s songs really rock.

Thermae Romae

It’s ashamed that this only has 6 episodes, no thanks to crappy Black Rock Shooter. It’s also ashamed that its animation is disliked by many. But still, I’m hoping there’s more of Lucius’ antics in modern Japan since the live-action adaptation of this show is reigning the Japanese Box Office along with some Hollywood movies. It’s very interesting because you get to learn something about ancient Roman and Japanese bathing culture. Plus, Lucius is really a keen observer.

Needs Improvement

Black Rock Shooter (TV)

You know, I don’t even know why this is in the timeslot. Yeah, this show is based from a Volcaloid song which expanded into an OVA and now, a TV series. But it is because it tells about the psychological aspect of the main characters? Probably but this anime is really a cliched telenovela (soap opera) in disguise. Why? All the yelling, crying, slapping, jealousy. love triangle, childhood friends, amnesia screamed soap operas. But add the super cool fight scenes from the Other world, then, you got this anime. No offense, but the first episodes really annoy me. The following episodes are a bit good but still, if it weren’t for its soap opera drama, then, no.

No. 6

Despite its BL undertones, No. 6 has a lot of problems most especially the finale. It is an interesting show but I’m really bothered with Shion. Don’t know why but there’s something in him which doesn’t really click me. Anyway, I’m also a bit bothered with the lack of a real enemy. Maybe reading the novel will do some good.

Guilty Crown

I’m going to say this. This is really a dumb show equivalent to Bayformers…er, Transformers. I could tell that this show generally rips off from Code Geass except replace the charismatic and intelligent bishounen (Lelouch) with a wimpy, loser Shinji wannabe (Shuu). Despite  that it’s a 2 cour show, the writer didn’t give much background on Ayase and the Funeral Parlor members. And this is one of the reasons why this anime is very disappointed. They didn’t give much development for the supporting characters. Plus, it’s a messy setting. I have no idea why in the hell would the UN would attack Japan or why Funeral Parlor go against the government. Still, the music and the character designs are stunning.

Still watching

Tsuritama and Sakamachi no Apollon

Still in the process of watching these two since they’re still showing. But I’ll say that these are very entertaining. Fishing and jazz are an odd combination for this season. But they managed to pull the drama out from the characters. Both shows present a main character who tries to fit in and yet, he succeeds when his expertise is brought out to the people around him.

In the process of watching

I am planning to watch the completed shows if I have time.

Toshokan Shokan is very interesting as the synopsis tells about censorship and war. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 seems to present how Japan is ready for a devastating earthquake. Of course, this anime was shown 2 years before the real devastating earthquake in the Tohoku region. Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror also has the Medicine Seller arc plus, I love story arcs. And Genji Monogatari Senneki has beautiful art and an interesting story which probably tells me that I don’t need to read the The Tale of Genji.

Planning but not yet showing

Fortunately, Natsuyuki Rendevous will be shown next month. I haven’t read the manga but the story is very interesting. And on Fall 2012, there’s Psycho-Pass. No information on this yet. But I assume that this has something to do with psychopaths XD. I just hope this is not going to end up like Guilty Crown.

Of course, there are other shows like Fractale, Honey and Clover, Paradise Kiss and the rest. But they don’t interest me much.