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Here’s the latest magazine scan of the movie

Basically, the picture says “Saya wants to cut Fumito into bread for smelling her hair” XD. But Saya’s face looks a little weird XD

BTW, Shochiku channel posted a short radio drama of the movie which features Fumito and Kutou, Fumito’s right-hand man and elite guard, voiced by Junichi Suwabe. I think this took place before the movie. So, in short, Fumito informs Kutou, who is busy training, that Saya will be arriving the city and they must prepare. After Fumito left, Kutou wonders why Fumito is so interested in Saya but still, he wants to defeat her. Update: the video is already set in private just before the second radio drama is out.

Update: There’s also another video which feature Fumito and Yuuka Amino, who is one of the surviving characters from the TV series and is now pursuing her political careers. Nothing important in this conversation because they all talk about world domination and power but they’re aware that Saya is coming to Tokyo. By the sound of it, Yuuka doesn’t seem to be worried about it, granted that she’s only pretends to be Saya’s friend. But Fumito assures that he’s getting ready for Saya’s return. Update: the video is already set in private

If you guys have some doubts on Blood-C: The Last Dark, no thanks to a certain critic, then, you’ll noticed that the movie actually reached the Japanese box office in its opening weekend. Also, the Japanese moviergoers gave it a thumbs-up though, like I said, some were not satisfied on how the movie ended. Also, due to popular demand and the success of the movie, the original Blood: The Last Vampire will be screened again in theaters while Blood-C: The Last Dark is still showing. I guess that critic is wrong about that. I guess there’s a possibility that we’ll see more of the Blood franchise in the future.