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I watched this movie (or OVA, which you like to call it) last year when Blood-C is still showing. I don’t know if this OVA is indeed connected to the Blood-C series but once the sequel movie is out, then we will see.

This movie is only 50 minutes long and it only has one simple storyline: Saya is tasked to go undercover as a high school student to slay blood-sucking monsters. She is supported by American agents named David and Louis. But she trusts David more.

Anyway, the animation is good and very realistic. In fact, Saya’s appearance is very different from her two counterparts. She may not be good-looking but her lips are like Angelina Jolie’s. Personality-wise, she’s stoic much like Saya of Blood-C (the real Saya who is not a singing bimbo) and seems to hate religious objects which is a common trait for a vampire. David doesn’t seem to any emotional attachment to Saya unlike his counterpart in Blood+. But he does everything he can to support her against their enemies. Still, this is what you get from the characters. The nurse, Amano, only acts as an innocent observer who got involved in the chaos and likewise in the end, she remains curious of Saya’s nature.

For the voice acting, I don’t know if Youki Kudo (Saya’s voice actress) suits as a voice actress. Joe Romersa is pretty good. He did some voice acting in the past too, including the announcer from Portal 2. I don’t know if this is confirmed but someone said that this movie is the first anime to have a mixture of Japanese and English dubs.

There is also a manga version which is a sequel to the movie. I already explained it back in my Blood-C post. This manga version gives more depth to Saya’s humanity.

The movie apparently won a lot of awards in Japan and internationally. As a result, it span two TV spinoffs which are Blood+ and Blood-C and a live-action adaptation. Saya’s character also inspired Quentin Tarantino in creating Gogo Yubari, O-Ren Ishii’s bodyguard, from Kill Bill.

But it seems a lot of anime fans are more familiar with Blood+ than the original.