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Well, Spring has a lot of refreshing shows. You noticed that I didn’t blog any Spring shows and I kinda regret that. It’s a bit too late that i wasn’t able to blog Tsuritama since it became one of my favorite shows and considering that it got little attention. But anyway, I’ll try my best to blog, at least, one show for Summer.

  • Zetman- I’m a bit halfway in the manga and I really noticed that they squeeze in a lot of important storylines into 13 episodes. And I don’t want to say as someone who reads the manga….but I like how they remove the unnecessary drama and made Kouga more involved in Jin’s story. Still, the problem is that they leave out the character development of most supporting characters like Kanako, Konoha, Mayu and Hayami and made the bad guys like Jirou and his son, Ichiro, plain evil. Anyway, it’s an entertaining show. I really agree with Tony Yao that the last episode is like The Dark Knight. XD

  • Tsuritama- I really enjoy this show. All the characters are lovable and redeemed to be more likable. They have really unique personalities such as Yuki, Natsuki and Akira. And what I like the most is that it put up a lot of wackiness. I’m going to say that Akira is my most favorite character here! He really showed the true sense of friendship and camaraderie and would do anything to stop the threat. And I like how Yuki and Natsuki grew from “Little Shy Boy” and Mr. Cold Glasses with Daddy Isuues” to true friends.

  • Sakamachi no Apollon- It’s a nice show but Tsuritama feels more superior to me than this one. It has this typical drama where two friends get together, fight and make up again. That’s it. Still, I like the soundtrack but doesn’t make a jazz fan. Anyway, I might continue reading the manga anytime soon.

BTW, I’m still watching Fate/zero Season 2 and Phi Brain Season 2. I might be able to watch Summer 2012 anytime soon. Oh, and coming soon….I’ll  be posting my review on the Mass Effect trilogy. Til then…